UK’s Feeble Press: The Media Is The Virus

NTKP, 26th May 2020

The mainstream media is having a progressively hard time in the UK as people discover alternative sources of truth more in tune with their own experience under lockdown life. Frankly after the hatchet job the so called Main Stream Media did fearmongering on Brexit for three and a half years Brits have very thick hides where the likes of the Marxist/Liberal BBC are concerned.

The following Breitbart UK article by Delingpole captures the mood of Brits and the dire hole the UK MSM have been and are digging themselves into. There is not a shred of critical journalism in sight. They are just going along with whatever narrative they are fed by the government and its coterie of crackpot scientists basing their response on a flawed Imperial College software model that was discredited as little more than a random number generator.

Have a read I can recommend it: Delingpole: The Mainstream Media Are Bought, Paid for – and Doomed!

The people will have their say at the ballot box no one likes being put under house arrest on falsified and fraudulent evidence.



An example of citizen journalism rapidly gaining ground.

From the heart, language is raw but the sentiment is spot on.



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