UK Needs Swiss Style Direct Democracy

Click on ther picture to read the original Briefings For Brexit Article “The Legitimacy of Referendums: Why Edmund Burke won’t rescue Remain” by Bryn Harris. (Recommended)

If Bercow as Speaker can shake up British democracy by usurping the constitution to promote his own Remain agenda. Then I think it is high time we had fixed term Speakers – with a written job description –  which would get them sacked if they tried to turn Parliament into a vehicle for their ego.

The people should get to vote in a referendum to recall Bercow the nauseating anti-democratic force for no-good.

Hmm… There is a lot to be said for Swiss style direct democracy on important matters.

In this article from the authors at the excellent Briefings For Brexit website “The Legitimacy of Referendums: Why Edmund Burke won’t rescue Remain” you realise we need a root and branch overhaul of our constitution to ensure the structure and integrity of our democratic instututions are fit for purpose. The EU’s institutional democratic deficit is gradually infecting and degrading our democratic governance.

ln an age where constitutional termites of all political, revolutionary, degenerate and tyrannical persuasions, including those who sit in the so called ‘supreme court’ as judges, have set themselves the task of writing our unwritten constitution. They are revolutionaries without boundaries and must be reigned in.

Lawfully. This is why there is a huge role for direct democracy in making sure the termite class of chancers and parasites in the body politic can face a remedy from and by the people if they let their delusions get the better of them.

We have to have a constitutional way of getting rid of rogues like Bercow and the ‘Supreme Court’ judges who act against the people with impugnity.

Now that really would be a revolution.




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