Transcript: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

Transcript: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

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Dane’s Introduction: There is a hero, Kevin Shipp is a hero. If we had more like Kevin, I think that with the courage Kevin shows. He has inspired others to start coming to the surface. We provide the cover, this is key, its up to us to provide cover for those in acedemia, those in agencies, those in the military who know this is going on. Its up to us to provide the cover which will allow them to come out of the shadows and if we leave here tonight and simply go back to living out our lives as we did before are are missing the point. It is up to all of us us to provide the cover for those in these agencies, military and acedemia to come out of the shadows and change the equation. And this is one man who made it happen.

A round of applause please for Kevin Shipp…. (Hands over Microphone) T1:10

Kevin Shipp: Thank you Dane…. I ah.. (applause around the room)

I will start by referring to myself as a recovering CIA Officer, we go through 12 step programs and we go through 24 step programs and the first twelve steps are learning to tell the truth again, that’s the hard one.

There are some benefits to being a CIA whistleblower believe it or not. My mail gets opened before I receive it. Which is kind convenient. My cell-phone turns on and off by itself. Usually when I am talking usually when I come to events like this, you can ask my wife, it turns itself on. Records my conversations then sends it to my voicemail. That actually happens. Another benefit is that if I am travelling around and get lost there is always someone following me I simply go back and ask for directions and I’m good to go.

This is going to be a serious lecture this evening T2:00

This is without doubt the most important speech I have ever given, and its personally probably the most risky. So I come from the belly of the beast the cloak like world of secrecy that works behind what we like to think of as our elected government, the belly of the beast.

I came out to expose this because I saw in my case specifically the CIA engage in unconstitutional and illegal activity outside of the constitution which for me is everything now. I saw them violate international law with some of their operations and engage in some pretty serious human rights violations. I don’t know about you all but I as an American citizen did not vote for any of those things. T2:45 and our elected government didn’t vote for any of those things but they are doing them and I will show you what.

I hope and pray that tonight that this speech makes a difference, what I am about to show you and I hope tonight it starts a kind of social, civil revolution when we stand up against this tyrannical system here that has stepped outside our constitution and done egrigous things. I needs to be reformed maybe even dismantled.

If I can have a hand in that, thank God.

[T3.45] Shadow Government/Deep State

I am going to talk about the shadow government. Now.. you here a lot of talk out there about the deep state all over the place on news and talk shows. It’s safe to talk about the Deep State now because there is no real risk and is kind of popular. Some of us were talking about the Deep State in 2012 when it was not popular and it was a little tough. Everybody is talking about the Deep State, and there are some good folks out there doing it but they are not giving everybody the full picture. They use the terms Deep State and Shadow Government as if they were one and the same. THEY ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME. They are two different entities in a vast trillion dollar matrix that is now controlling our government outside the constitution behind Washington DC. I am going to show you how they do it.

We have a lot of stuff to cover and forgive me I am going to have to roll through a lot of this. In the end some of your jaws are going to drop but at least you are going to be able to see what is going on. All of you, because I talk to people all of the time, KNOW, that this government is functioning secretly and doing things that it shouldn’t . You know it, you sense it you know it in your gut. Every person I talk to, even a person in the dining room this morning. Somethings not right here somethings not right with our government. Lets get into this…

I want to start by sying this because it is so important. We are, or at least we were a constitutionak government. Are we not? Our government was founde on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I want to remind people that the Constitution is not a nice, fluffy, philosophical document. It is not just a good piece of ideology IT IS THE LAW OF THE United States. It is the supreme law of the land. It supercedes the entire rest of the criminal justice system. So if a person or [the] government violates the Constitution they have committed a felony. So lets just remember that, if the government violates the Constitution they have committed a felony. So if they try to make the people out to be the bad guys remember it works, really, in the other direction. T5:30.

It is the Constitution, The reason I am stsnding up here is we no longer live under a constitutional government. We are serving under a post constitutional government staffed by Congressmen who are now statesmen.

Lets move on. The Shadow Government and the Deep State are not the same thing. There are people who say this “The Deep State are after Donald Trump because they are hold overs from the Obama administration that are penetrators into the CIA and others. Ladies and gentlemen that is a smokescreen. I will show you that THE Shadow Government is not the left over Obama people it is a matrix system that has functioned across every every administration going back to JFK. Republicans and Democrats alike.

So the Shadow government is a secret part of government: The CIA, the NSA and I will show you a host of other intelligence agencies that are part of the Shadow Government and functions though the ubridled, unconstitutional power of secrecy. Thats the Shadow Government, beneath that is what you hear a lot of talk about The Deep State. Now The Deep State is this massive, financial, multi-billion, trillion dollar matrix that includes the military-industrial complex which you have all probably heard about. I will shed a little more light on that.

The Deep State operates in the same matrix as the Shadow Government, but much of the time the Shadow Government rules the Deep State through the power of secrecy. The secrecy agreement, the states privilige agreement and other things, so they are intimately connected, running our government behind the scenes. They manipulate our government behind the scenes. Now that is a dramatic statement but by the end of the evening I am going to prove to you that it is going on.

Personally there are a lot of things I can’t talk about. I have to watch everything I say, honestly. Fot the last fifteen years they have been waiting for me to make just one mistake, I havn’t but may yet so lets talk about this.

The Deep State is run by:

  • money

  • power

  • greed

and their fuel is fear and intimidation.

Here is the Shadow Government [Shows Slide] the unconstitutional power of government secrecy. I am going to show you many of the functions of the secret government many of which function outside the Constitution.

  • The director of National intelligence has 17 agencies underneath him at this point that process 90 to 100,000 bits of classified information some of which aren’t classified.

  • You have got the Department of Homeland Security you have got other agencies there.

  • You’ve got the Department of State, Hillary Clinton ran guns into Benghazi secretly using Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Most people don’t know that. She did it through the secret system.

  • The Defence intelligence agency that participated in the torture program, some people died, they also tried to recruit American citizens to be informants within the United States.

  • You have the National Reconaissence office that runs the national sattelite service, all the birds that are up there and there is a bunch of them

  • The National Geospatial Intelligence agency that worked through a big contract and set up Google Earth. So Google worked with the NGI through the CIA INQTEL to set up Google Earth. So you think its only Google watching You, it’s not! Sadly Silicon Valley has been recruited by the Shadow Government

  • JSOC – Joint Special Operations Command. This is the President’s secret army. The President of the US has his own secret army special operators which he sends to foreign countries in secret to engage in killings, overturning governments, things the American people don’t know about. A Secret force

  • The FBI conducting wireless searches, National Security letters where they come into your business and order your supervisor to hand over all of your financial records and if they say anything about them being there – violation of the fourth amendment.

Now I am going to talk about the two, and this is so vast. About what I consider to be the two top tiers of secret government the first of which is the Ntional Security Agency (NSA) Heard a lot about them han’t we? I am am working with William Binney T9:40 the NSA whistleblower. The man who blew the whistle on the NSA surveillance program. He was raided by a SWAT team and a gun put to his head. We are ging to talk about the NSA in a little bit. We are going to focus on what I call the central node of the Shadow Government. An unconstittional agency that used to be my life. I was a senior managing supervisor there on counter-intelligence and things we will talk about later.

It is the central node of the Shadow Government. It functions outside the Constitution through the power of secrecy, even Congress does not know what it is doing. Is there a CONSTITUTIONAL PROBLEM WITH THAT? You better believe that is and I will show you just how bad that is.

CIA and Mainstream Media

The CIA was created through the Council on Foreign Relations which was created back in 1921. They were instrumental in creating the CIA. Back when the CFR created the CIA [1947] they were tied directly into guess who? The mainstrem media. The owners of the Washigton Post were ranking members of the CFR, The Grahams. The CIA were feeding information to to the Washington Post whos owners Philip and Kathleen Graham were publishing stories the CIA had told them to study.

Now with the long and wonderful history of the Washington Post who can tell me who owns the Washington Post now? Jeff Bezos of Amazon. What did he just do? He just entered into a $6million contract with guess who…. The CIA, so the circle continues. I could spend an hour on the CIA’s connection to the MSM. Please understand the CFR was instrumental in the creation of the CIA.

They were directly connected to the MSM, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS and Others they were fed information from the CIA to change the opinions of the American people.

The Shadow Government

The Deep State

The $ystem Behind Government

[T11:30] OK lets talk about the Deep State. I put the Deep State beneath the Shadow Government, this huge monolith operating outside the Constitution. Most of the Deep State including the Military-indistral Complex is not violating the Constitution but they are controlling our elected officials. There is a little bit of difference but they are connected pretty intimately. In that you have the Military-indistral Complex (MIC) what you probably havn’t heard is that Eisenhower originaly called it the Military-indistral Congressional Complex (MICC). This is because congress is bound so deeply to the MIC and the Deep State that they manipulate how the Senators and Congressmen vote and I will prove that.

So Congress is just as tied in as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and the others are.

Q. Who is the main representative in our government of the people?

A. Congress right? If they own Congress then we don’t have a voice any more and thats the idea.

Lets go through some of them…. They own the Intelligence contractors. They own the defense contractors we are talking billions of dollars here in revenue that comes from YOUR taxes.

The MIC, 4.8Million dollars is spent every year by MIC lobbyists to influence Congress and to put money into their PACs, leadership PACs and re-election campaigns to the tune of $4-5 million per year with a huge impact on Congress. Then there are foreign lobyists. Saudi Arabia and Israel may as well have slots on Capitol Hill, they are so influential on our government they have a serious impact on political decisions in Washington.

Youve got the Federal Reserve, the secret bank. The secret bank that just gave out a couple of trillion dollars to companies in the Military industrial Complex that they won’t tell anybody about because their deliberations are secret. With who’s money? Our money. So The Federal reserve is tied in with all of this

We have Wall St Wall Street funds all of this, The military industrial complex. Wall St is so plugged in to the MIC and The Shadow Government. It was Wall St Attorneys who formed the CIA. Wall St has been in the Shadow Government and the Deep State going back to 1947. So they are connected to the Deep State.

You have got the Federal banks connected to the Federal Reserve connected tto the International Monetary fund and the World Bank because the CFR’s stated goal was and still is an integrated global government. T13:49 and they are working through special drawing rights to digital currency eventually, and that is where that started. Wall St is so connected with the US treasury that they might as well be partners in an international conglomerate. Our government and Wall street are almost one and the same in the Deep State. Trillions and Trillions of dollars.

OK you can see I have written the system with a $ [ON THE SLIDE] because money is the fuel to this system and to keep this system running they need perpetual war. Anybody seeing that going on? More on that later.

Secrecy inside the United States

The CIA and its contractors are supposed to have an overseas mission only right? Collecting information and spying on foreign governments they are not supposed to be spying on the United States. However, William Arken, a data priest did an incredible piece of journalism and dug some of this up.

After 911 there are:

  • 10,000 secret sites, 10,000 secret sites under the shadow government inside the United states.

  • 1271 secret agencies , involved in secrecy, inside the United states.

  • 1,931 large corporations like Lockheed Martin are now invloved in the secret government. The CIA the NSA inside the United states.

  • 4,800,000 US Citizens that we know of and that is probably only half the figure, have US Government security clearances. They have signed a secrecy agreement and I will explain what that means

  • 854,000 have top secret clearances

There are thousands of US Government employees from secretaries to people in the mail room to CEOs have all signed CIA or NSA secrecy agreements and are now bound from saying anything about anything they see. Even if it is illegal or unconstitutional. There is a system of personal destruction that will ruin them even if they insinuate they will say anything. Each one signs a secrecy agreement and if they blow the whistle. I’M SPEAKING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. 🙂 The government has the power to invoke States Secrecy Privilige, shut their case down, seal it and throw them in prison if they talk to anybody about their case, classified or not. [I] seen a case just like that.

They have that kind of power. In the CIA if you blow the whistle on them they will after a system of personal destruction thet will slap a State Secrets on you and if to talk to your wife or attorney they will put you in prison.

T17:00 Here we go.. The Military-indistral Complex (MIC) or more accurately The Military-indistral Congressional Complex (MICC)

This is an example of its power, control and manipulation of the US Congress our elected representatives, the voice of the people. In the centre of of this you have the Congressional Armed Services Committee. 48 members get together under the Defence Authorization Act and decide how many Trillions of dollars they are going to spend on the military industrial, the military and intelligence. As you would imagine this is all done in secret. Nobody knows how much they are going to sign for. But I wan’t you to look at this the 48 senior members of the Armed Services Authorization committee are under the influence of the five greatest military industrial complex contractors like Lockheed Martin.

Did you know that Lockheed Martin is the biggest intelligence contractor for the CIA, NSA and FBI ?

Did you know that Lockheed Martin has created a system wich tracks every transaction of every citizen with the IRS? Your phone calls, your emails, the payments that you making all run through Lockheed Martin it is so large that you could think of it as a private second government. It is funded so heavily that we figured out that every household in America has what we call a Lockheed Martin Tax. $260 dollars comes out of our pocket to pay for this company basicaly to soy on us through the NSA and the CIA to track our IRS transactions and they even track our packages throught the postal service and they are producing the biometric systems to track American citizens. Good old Lockheed Martin. Not to mention the ballistic missiles they make to sell to foreign governments.

Northrop Grumman, Boing, Raytheon, Booz, Allen Hamilton the big dog on the block, you dont hear much about Booz, Allen Hamilton. Except for Edward Snowden. BAH for thirty yeears has been the second arm of the CIA. So much so they set up the itelligence operation for the government of Egypt. That’s who Edward Snowden worked for.

Now I want you to see this… One Trillion in annual spending for the military industrial complex THAT COMES OUT OF OUR POCKETS. $46billion of that comes in foreign arms sales. Guess who the biggest arms dealer in the world is? Us. Guess who supplies more guns, tanks and missiles than anyone else in the world. US Sadly. I can’t tell you that it is the Russians.

Why do you think they are pushing the Russian story story so hard. Its called a diversion right? A smokescreen.

Now Lockheed Martin, Bozz Allen Hamilton and Raytheon, this is how much they contribute into these congressman and Senators re-election campaign and leadership PAC’s in a year



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