17th September 2021

The UK’s Defence Sell out To The EU

By Richard Carlyon, For Britain Defence Spokesman, 13th October 2019

Our entire Defence capability will be switched to EU control on November 1st – no matter what happens with Brexit.

Despite a clear national vote to leave the EU, despite the Government’s prime responsibility to defend our realm, its land and people, despite the inalienable rights of the people to possess full sovereignty, it appears that agreements have been made and signed with the EU by the government, then led by Theresa May.

Lt.Gen J. Riley in his public briefing on 2 Sept. 2019, revealed that these agreements, made covertly after the Referendum of 2016, sign away command and control of our Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and all their personnel, weapons, equipment and holdings, plus all of our Intelligence Services, MI5 and SIS (MI6) and others. Crucially, also included is our nuclear capability.

ALL our defence assets will be owned and controlled by the EU without any control from the United Kingdom – while the UK continues to pay all the costs. This is in accordance with the Lisbon Agreement.

The Lisbon Agreement (2007) replaced previous treaties and agreements as the main ‘foundation’ text of the EU. It introduced the European Defence Union (EDU), a programme of integration on every possible topic and area of defence. Central to this defence integration is the ‘Pillars’ concept, a series of supporting plans coming on-stream at set dates (up to 2027).

It was stated by General Riley that after the Referendum of 2016, the May government covertly locked Britain into the EU Defence structures. The last European Defence Fund was established in 2017 and was agreed by the UK as recently as 18 April 2019.

Riley reveals that this subordinates the UK into ”the whole of the EU’s global strategy.”

The current Minister of Defence, Steve Baker, M.P. ducked the issue at this year’s Conservative Conference by stating that the defence questions raised were a matter ‘for the lawyers’.

The EU has created an interlocking web of ‘EDU’ defence plans, agencies, programmes, and some existing institutions. All have innocent titles and confusing acronyms, thus:
PESCO, Permanent Structured Co-operation, ‘a treaty based framework and process to deepen defence co-operation’. The UK has not opted in to the ‘core’ option; but PESCO has a linked range of industrial and financing areas to which Whitehall has signed.

PESCO is linked to CARD, Co-ordinated Annual Review on Defence, signed by Sir Alan Duncan on 19 November 2018. Also linked are EDF, European Defence Fund, and EDA, European Defence Agency. This EDA is central to policy development, research, strategy, and has a ‘significant dedicated budget’’.

The European Defence Action Plan, has been signed by Whitehall and has ‘significant consequences’.
The European Defence Research Programme involves preparatory action on defence research. The UK has signed up to this.

We are therefore locked into the European Defence Union by these four signed commitments.

This may be confusing and obscure, but is only the beginning of the bureaucrats’ web. Untangling their multiple detailed links would require another blog, but the bottom line is this: sign up to one, sign up to all. We have signed several. We are in a trap.

The scandal of signing away our defence has been revealed by a group of concerned senior British retired officers who oppose the sell-out of their country. They refuse to allow the EU to seize command of UK armed forces, defence industries and intelligence services. Among them are Maj. Gen. Julian Thompson, Rear Admiral Roger Knott-Bower, Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, Lt.Gen J.Riley, Sir Richard Dearlove (MI6), Lord James. Not least among them is Sgt. Simon Bean whose recent video helping to reveal this story on social media has hit one million views.

Publicity, public pressure and swift political action are now needed as the only way of avoiding this sinister scandal.
You can help. Contact your MP, demand to know why he or she has failed in their prime requirement, to defend Britain.



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