The New Feudal Aristocracy A World Of Organisations And Gangs

When is an organisation a gang? It depends on the legal jurisdiction you are in and what the word criminal means there.

  • Organisation – A group of people with a common goal, a body of organised people
  • Gang – A criminal organisation
  • Jurisdiction – A jurisdiction is a state or other area in which a particular court and system of laws has authority. – Collins.

Getting your head round all the different types of clubs, associations, political parties, corporations, global institutions contributing to the flow of human life boggles the mind. Then it dawned… they were all just one type, organisations with three sub-types.

  1. Legal organisations
  2. Criminal organisations (Gangs)
  3. Legal and Criminal organisations – Legal organisations with embedded gangs

For example, the term ‘Bankster’  makes you smile because it contains an intrinsic truth, at times Bankers do act like criminal gangs but it is a rare bank that gets shut down for criminal activity. Why is that? It is because they are connected and protected by other organisations they have corrupted along the way, Governments.

Thinking like a member of new feudal aristocracy helps to understand why the movement away from Democracy to the new Feudalism has taken root and continues to erode the rights of individuals and the laws that protect them. The scale of the operation is massive but the true genius of the new feudalism is how a small determined organisation spanning many generations has subverted the modern systems of government to their will.

The way the new feudalism works is to hollow out Democracy from the inside, bit by bit, replacing democratically run institutions with feudal equivalents,  getting rid of obstructive laws and regulation as you go. But be careful to leave the shell or husk intact in order to preserve the illusion of Democracy, a systematic long term Coup D’etat. A good example of this is is in the good old US of A. The political system is Feudal. It doesn’t matter who you vote for nothing changes. This is because the new feudal aristocracy, the deep state, hold power regardless of who is elected. The system has been hollowed out. You can vote all you like but if the aristocracy are in charge of who you vote for quite frankly you don’t stand a chance. American elections without consequence are required to maintain the illusion of the rule by many, The US is a post democratic Feudal State.

Case Study

So you are a member of the Feudal Aristocracy trying to achieve an objective. It could be your own account perhaps or the objective of the organisation or gang you are part of.  You have at your command enormous wealth, privilege, connections and power handed down to you from your ancestors.

The feudal system of 9th to 15th century was about the relationship between Lords, their Vassals, the land and the peasants who worked it. During those times land represented wealth and power, control of the Lord’s fief and the people on it was a system of government by feu or fee. Feudalism was less about the enforcement of universal laws applying to Lords, Vassals and peasants alike – the rule of law – and much more to do with obligations due to the Lord from Vassals and tenants in his fief, such as military duties and the use of the land to make a living. This gave him wealth, and great power over people attached to the land, homage, fealty and allegience.

Gradually over time Feudalism diminished as the rule of law grew. The result of democracy and everyone getting the vote.

Your motivation could be many things, but usually fall into one of the following catagories:

  • Supremacy
  • Greed
  • Power
  • Fear

Dont think in terms of right or wrong

  • Legal activity and organisations can become criminal if laws are created which makes them so
  • Criminal activity and organisations  can become legal if laws are created which makes them so
  • Choosing your jurisdiction – the one in which you operate – could make your activities legal or illegal




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