The Devil Wears CIA

The author David Talbot follows the careers, motivation and exploits of two brothers. Foster and Allen Dulles whose overt and covert influence over the United States of America’s place in the world has been woefully neglected or perhaps deliberately hidden. Allen Dulles influence in particular remains to this day through the institutions he brought into being, supported and  then relentlessly bent to his will. His stock in trade was sedition and subversion on behalf of a shadow US government against nations of the world and now the US. Allen Dulles evil masterpiece was the Central Intelligence Agency, he understood from the outset its potential to subvert the US sytem of government to his cause.

The way US Government institutions work today is not the way America’s founding fathers thought that it should. This is not by accident or chance it is the evil fruit of nearly two hundred and forty six years of intrigue against the principles enshrined in the US constitution. This book sheds light on the sinister forces burrowing away in a period of history still relevant to our own, the years immediately after the first world war to the present day.  The Devil’s Chessboard provides background and context for inexplicable US decisions in recent times and the motivations of the men behind them. The cost in lives and money has been terrible and yet it goes on.  Here are the deep state’s origins,  a shadow US government which plagues the world to this very day.

On one of the inside pages David Talbot begins by noting an inscription Allen Dulles chose for his CIA’S Langley HQ

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” after reading the book I would add

“Just make sure the truth never gets out and murder it and the bastard who tries to tell it”

This book provides so many leads and first hand accounts which dispute the establishment’s laundered view of the state actors of the past. You are forced to rethink the way the world really works and who really rules in America.

The US shadow government’s origins, architecture and influence have long been argued over but gradually the monster is coming into view. The Devil’s Chessboard hints at the complex, logical mind of the human Devil capable of devising d and then covering up who rigged the game and is playing it from the grave. To insiders an evil mastermind with razor sharp analytical skills and the cold blooded conscience of a salt water crocodile. To outsiders a formidable adversary capable of any act legal or illegal to get what he wanted. In many cases you would not know what hit you when his agents struck.

John F Kennedy was an outsider.


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