It’s Time To Test The Establishment’s Crimes Against the People in the courts


By Mark Steele,, 30th Sept 2020

Welcome To all new members of the Party you will find the Political cover crucial in the coming months.

Mark Steele is now on:

We need to build the Telegram platform as well as his Instagram account  so we can direct people to Kate’s health advice pages as she has also come under a block by the social media criminals covering up this genocidal crime.

Lift your spirits as we win this crime against us with our numbers growing and the knowledge gained in our journey.

Legal actions:

  • We are filing injunctions against the Police in London and South Yorkshire for their shocking assault on our KATE and MARK in their attempts to silence our Political views and educating the public contrary to the law.
  • Gateshead Council who has recently caused further economic misery on the people will also have papers filed against them for their unwarranted shut down of the economy using false data about the COVID 19 infection rates.

We have been advised that a further Crowd Justice funding will be required as the earlier Crowd Justice fund is specific to Gateshead Council and we are not able to use this to take the Police to court using this fund. Here is the latest link to the Crowd Justice fund that is deposited into the Barristers client account.

Please help here as much as possible as this is a crucial action in stopping their crimes against peaceful protest and freedom of speech. We will use their tools in our resistance of their unlawful illegal actions.

  • MP’s – Councillors. They are waking up. Contact them now and ask about the 5 point plan and the 666 rules that we are now been arrested over as our freedom of speech rights and right to free assembly are taken away unlawfully.
  • Schools. Lots of reports are children getting sick now in schools due to the 60GHz WIGIG system as well as children harmed through psychological injury and laser gun temp testing.
  • Pay Pal are charging massive fees on donations so if it’s possible now that the banks are open if members and donors can organise a shift to the direct debit option. Details below.

Save US Now Bank account details

Sort code 30-93-71
Account number 76550760
Quote ref SUN2018/ Your name.



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