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As we have recently seen, the Internet has changed how people organize and advocate for their beliefs, but it has also given governments more tools to monitor behavior and stifle freedom of expression. In this month’s newsletter, in addition to sharing the latest Proton product updates, we will explore some of these important themes. 

In particular, we take a closer look at what is happening in Hong Kong, and why it has broad implications for freedom around the world. We also look at how tech giants are using their control of the Internet to stifle innovation, freedom, and competition, such as how Apple is censoring ProtonVPN on behalf of authoritarian governments. 

Finally, we share some new features for ProtonCalendar, ProtonVPN, and a first look at ProtonDrive.


Proton stands with Hong Kong

On July 6, the Hong Kong government introduced rules that give law enforcement sweeping censorship and surveillance powers. The move was a grave blow to Hong Kong’s freedom.


As part of our mission to promote privacy and freedom for all, we will be giving 50% of our ProtonVPN revenue from Hong Kong during July and August to two local organizations: 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund and Stand With Hong Kong.

We aim to raise HK$1,000,000 and make a real difference on the ground. Learn why we should all care about what happens in Hong Kong and how Proton plans to help.

How we’re supporting Hong Kong

How Apple uses anti-competitive practices to extort developers and support authoritarian regimes


In June, the European Commission announced it would open an investigation into Apple’s App Store practices, which potentially constitute an illegal breach of EU competition laws.

American tech giants have long engaged in abusive behavior designed to stifle dissent and competition, and perpetuate their market dominance. We know this because we have quietly tolerated this exploitation for years. Now, for the first time, we’re sharing our story.

Read The Proton Story


First look – ProtonDrive brings privacy to the cloud

ProtonDrive uses the same end-to-end encryption ProtonMail does to ensure no one else, not even Proton, can access your photos or documents. With ProtonDrive, you’re in control. ProtonDrive will be available for beta testing later this year. Meanwhile, here’s a quick first look at what we’re working on:


Did you know ProtonMail is fully integrated with PGP?

All ProtonMail inboxes have extra privacy and security because they are automatically protected with zero-access encryption. Emails between Proton users are also protected with end-to-end encryption. And we’re the only email provider with security features such as Address Verification and key pinning. 


For advanced users, ProtonMail also supports automatically exchanging end-to-end encrypted messages with non-ProtonMail users through PGP. If you are interested in these advanced security features, you can read the guide below.

How to use PGP with ProtonMail



Check out the ProtonMail new user security checklist

Email is the number one target of cybercriminals. ProtonMail uses advanced encryption to secure your messages automatically, but there are precautions you should take to ensure your data remains private. We explain the steps everyone should take to protect their ProtonMail account. 

Read the ProtonMail security checklist

Did you know that if you are a ProtonMail user, you already have access to a secure, private, and open source VPN?

Simply download ProtonVPN and log in with your existing ProtonMail credentials.

Get ProtonVPN

Watch HBO Max with ProtonVPN

If you are a ProtonVPN Plus user, you can now access HBO Max and watch your favorite HBO, DC Films, and Turner Classic Movies content. All you have to do is connect to any Plus VPN server in the United States.

How to watch HBO Max with ProtonVPN



ProtonCalendar beta now lets you keep track of repeating events

We’re continuously adding more features to ProtonCalendar beta. Most recently, we have added support for repeating events. Now you can set up events that repeat every day, week, or month.

ProtonCalendar beta is now available on the web for paid users at (mobile apps are coming later this year).

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