Principia Scientific Intl – “Official US, EU & UK COVID Vaccines Deaths: 21,192, Injuries 2,698,177: Data (June 19, 2021)” plus 4 more

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Here are the latest deaths and injuries from the official data sources following COVID19 injections for Europe, the UK and US up to June 19, 2021.

Europe shows deaths and injuries up to 5 June, 2021: Deaths: 13,867 Injuries: 1,354,366 ….  U.K. up to 9 June, 2021: Deaths: 1,332 Injuries: 949, 286…. U.S. up to 19 June, 2021: Deaths: 5,993 Injuries: 394,525. Deaths & Injuries, Combined total for Europe, U.K. & U.S, up to 19 June, 2021: Deaths: 21,192, Injuries: 2,698,177.


Data Sources: Europe (EudraVigilance), U.K (MHRA Yellow Card System), U.S (CDC/ VAERS)

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