German Bundestag Parliamentary Advisor: “A Warning to the People of Germany” of the Great Coronavirus Deceit

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Introduction: This document was distributed to protesters at the Trafalgar Sq Lockdown Demonstration on the 26th September 2020. The demonstration was broken up by British police violence during German speaker Dr. Heiko Schöning’s speech. He was subsequently arrested at Hyde Park Speakers Corner while attempting to speak again. – I was a witness to both events and have become acutely aware of the danger we are in. Indeed the danger Dr. Heiko Schöning came all the way from Germany to warn us about.

Here is a report from the Bundestag from a Parliamentary Advisor, writing anonymously, to get the truth out.

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Anonymous, September 2020

Parliamentary Advisor to the German Bundestag

Dear fellow citizens,

I am addressing you as an employee of the German Bundestag with the function of a parliamentary advisor.

Through my work in Parliament I am aware that the people of our country have had important information related to the corona crisis purposefully withheld even though they are of crucial importance for assessing the situation.

I see it, given the enormous scale of the recent events, as a duty to my fellow citizens to broach these things publicly.

Probably many of you will put this text aside after only a few lines, because they cannot envisage deliberate deception of the population. I understand this, because I too would have dismissed such a notion as “conspiracy theory”. But meanwhile I had to, not least through my experiences in the Bundestag, to recognise which methods are used worldwide by governments, the media and influential players in the private sector to the detriment of us all and that the population is unfortunately too often not critical enough regarding this. I hope nevertheless that one or other person will at least check my references.

Critical Voices Defamed and Attacked

Due to the worrying fact that critical voices in Germany are now defamed, attacked and their existence is downright threatened to be destroyed, I am forced to publish this letter anonymously.

I also cannot publish my political group membership from the same reason. This is irrelevant anyway, because we in Germany urgently need to relearn to listen to each other “across camps” and

to respect each other. If we don’t find our way back to such a coexistence soon, our society will finally split into hostile groups. Unfortunately the handling of Corona has already contributed to the social further deepen the social rifts. For that reason it is conducive for my concern to not to disclose the name of my party. Proof of my activity in the Parliament is attached at the end of the document.

The Reason for My Report To You

I just want you, dear readers, to know the following about me: I am writing this report with sincere concern for the security, freedom and justice as well as the prosperity of all of us. These pillars of our democracy are acutely endangered, because the corona crisis is being exploited and our legitimate concerns about the coronavirus are misused for foreign purposes.

I must stress at this point that I am aware of the health risks in connection with the virus. Corona may pose a serious risk, particularly to the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, this fact is undisputed. At the same time, however I have to realise, that different actors systematically spread fear in the public with distorted reporting and images that have been torn out of their context and therefore are by painting a picture of the pandemic which does not correspond with reality.

The aim of these forces from politics, the global economy and the media is to distract from extensive political and economic changes, which will take place in the background of the crisis and for which Corona comes “at the right time”.

Furthermore, people in their fear of the virus are supposed to except measures and permanent restrictions, which in view of the situation are in no way justified and are violating the interests of the population instead.

Much of this is accountable with publicly available sources, however, the actual objectives of the measures are being withheld from the citizens. I would like to inform you about this background with my report and I cordially invite you to review my comments, even before this opportunity is permanently taken away from you by broad censorship.

Section I – The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Great Reset

The World Economic Forum WEF (a2) as the voice of the most influential international corporations and major banks is exploiting the crisis to implement a long-prepared agenda for restructuring the entire world economy (1). This “Great Reset” is seen as a change in globalisation toward a sustainable economy, but these are a deception. In fact, the WEF’s actors want to achieve the greatest possible centralisation of political power in supranational institutions such as the UN, EU and IMF, as well as creating completely new supranational bodies. Through these organisations they intend to permanently remove democratic control of the world economy and politics through elected parliaments because, in their view, too many national states do not want to bend to the privatisation orgies of the corporations and financial speculators.

In addition, the aim is to finally displace small and medium-sized businesses and take over the freed up market shares by the “fourth industrial revolution”. For all these goals Corona and the global economic crisis came right on cue. The forces behind the WEF are therefore now using their political influence to artificially prolong the crisis to advance the restructuring of the world economy in line with its own agenda. In order to prevent the population and in particular the middle classes from rebelling against this dangerous development, one packs the plan into a heart-warming story of an anti-capitalist, humane new start of the globalisation and hides the desired shift in power behind

likeable phrases like “global governance”.

But how credible is it when it is precisely the forces that through unprecedented overexploitation of nature earn enormous sums of money, suddenly present themselves in a green robe? The fact that even the highest ranking representatives of the United Nations advertise for this worldwide campaign by the banking sector suggest that the UN is being misused for closing off private sector interests (2).

If not enough people are recognising in time the dangers of another concentration of power in the hands of the few and resist it, then we will soon find ourselves in a world where our

democratically legitimised governments have practically no decision-making power anymore. This has long been the case in fiscal policy, which is why the redistribution from the hard-working to the rich is also increasing unabated.

Highest representatives of the Bundestag have now announced that they will support the plans of the corporations to further centralise political power. Thus “because of Corona”, the economic policies of all EU Member States are also transferred to the European Union, as President Schäuble of the Bundestag recently announced.

However, one should have no illusions about whose power will increase in Brussels would really profit: an economic policy on at EU level would only be in the interests of transnational corporations such as Amazon, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs et cetera – an unprecedented privatisation and deregulation wave would be the consequence. This orientation of the EU It is already apparent for example in the case of the de facto tax exemption of digital enterprises and the privileged position of the financial sector. Parallel to the shift of power to Brussels, the European governments are ensuring with the corona measures specifically that large parts of the middle class are not affected by the crisis and can be bought up by corporations and financial investors. This approach is in line with the “Great Reset” agenda. I therefore call for all small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to take action against to resist these efforts.

Section II – Digital Companies and Governments Worldwide Exploit the Fear of the Virus

Digital companies and governments worldwide exploit the fear of the virus, in order to achieve social acceptance for comprehensive digital supervisory and control systems.

These systems, which are described under other contact tracing, digital identities, biometric facial recognition and digital immunity certificates, are suitable to allow totalitarian control of the entire population. In China the full range of these inhumane technologies, which has led to that even the simplest rights of citizens are restricted by the support of AI-based systems. There a combination of “Corona-App” and a preliminary stage of digital immunity tests is being used to completely withdraw from people their fundamental rights such as freedom of movement and assembly and monitor compliance with the measures (3).

The 5G mobile radio standard enables this form of mass surveillance of any citizens in real time. So in China, digital technology decides who may still leave his flat. Such a society can probably only be described as technocratic tyranny.  Regrettably similar plans are also being pursued by our Federal Government: It too wanted already with the so-called “vaccination or immunity documentation allow people in our country their fundamental rights if they are able to demonstrate immunity, for example by vaccination (4).

These intentions are no different from those of the Chinese dictatorship and it is only thanks to public protest in Germany that the Government has not yet presented its draft law in its original form. However, work has long been underway at EU level on comparable systems, the danger has not yet been averted (p3). Also the World Economic Forum is already applying for the “Covid-19-health-Passport”, a very similar technology with which the access to the public life could be made dependent on the use of digital control mechanisms. It can therefore be assumed that digital proof of immunity will be presented to us in the course of the coming months by the media, government and representatives of the digital companies as a prerequisite for a return to normality.

I consider such massive coercive measures in view of the situation with Coronavirus as disproportionate and I therefore agree with Edward Snowden who, in the face of a global architecture of repression through digital technology, warned that it would outlive the crisis (5). If allow digital systems to be able to control our freedom of movement and our access to public life, then we also give control of the public sphere to the private operators of the digital network, through our most basic rights infrastructure.

A glance at China is enough to see the real dangers of such a technocratic form of society. No one should be living in this kind of world, though we all will be increasingly pushed in this direction s a result of too much carelessness in dealing with the technically feasiblity. This also applies for Europe, even if it may be difficult to imagine at first. The fact that the 5G network, unlike the previously private mobile phone infrastructure in Germany, is being built with a lot of taxpayers’ money speaks for the fact that this technology will serve the purpose of mass state control even here (6).

It is a perfidious approach on the part of the Federal Government to have plans developed over many years that are now to be implemented as part of a “Corona economic stimulus package”. In addition to the monitoring aspect it should be mentioned that the digital enterprises have, in the context of digitisation in schools long since extended their business model to the education sector

and Corona provides a welcome excuse for this. I appeal to all parents and teachers not to follow these efforts uncritically. The possibilities for targeted influencing of children by means of digital

technology were developed at enormous expense and represent a threat to the well-being of the child and individual freedom.

The introduction of digital identities was already being discussed before the Corona crisis and driven forward by influential actors: The Rockefeller Foundation and Microsoft have been pursuing an “ID2020” strategy for several years now. A Project for the digital, biometric registration of the world population whereby digital proof of immunity, as a possible application for this totalitarian system, is described (7). A global vaccination campaign against Corona could soon serve as a pretext for this control system worldwide. If one looks at other projects of these digital companies, one gets the feeling that for these companies we humans are more likely to be a commodity or an economically exploitable raw material and they are less concerned about our safety.

For example, Microsoft has patented a system in which sensors equipped human bodies can be used for the mining of crypto-currencies (8). The Facebook project on Brain-Computer-Interfaces (BCI) published in 2017 appears from this point of view even more surreal. Tesla boss Elon Musk has already had a robot developed with which micro-electronic chips can be planted fully automated into human brains (9). The fact that this is not primarily a medical application, is no longer denied by the developers, either.

I believe that we should immediately launch a broad debate on the ethical aspects of such technologies. Similar to the genetic cloning, we should also consider the question of microchips in the brain whether we really want to exhaust all technical possibilities or whether this form of transhumanism might become a dangerous dehumanisation. Is it really still “normal” when wealthy people announce already today, that in the future people are to be integrated into digital networks by means of an implanted chip (p4,10)?

Why does Microsoft want to record the biometric features of the entire world population? And are we supposed to support companies with such intentions to allow a worldwide errection of surveillance architecture “because of Corona” and thus allow these companies access to all our

areas of life? Influential actors are already openly demanding the permanent total surveillance of the entire population – “only” of course because of the coronavirus (11). All these aspects should not be ignored when considering the efforts of certain philanthropists in this crisis. In any case, we should be more critical of investors who buy our approval with strategic philanthropy, and despite (or due to?) their supposedly selfless donations become increasingly wealthy and more influential.


Section III. – The financial sector and in particular the major international banks exploit the crisis

The financial sector and in particular the major international banks exploit the crisis in order to boost the economy through enormous lending to states and to create new dependencies for companies and thus to improve their political influence. This is done either directly through the banks or indirectly through organisations such as the International Monetary Fund IMF. The acute need for capital as a result of the crisis makes the states therefore open to blackmail for private financial investors. Because of this balance of power, every democratic control is impossible and the private banking sector becomes the political actor.

This approach is particularly malicious because the billion-euro loans in no way support the population or the real economy but, in line with the 2008 financial crisis, mainly the creditors of the Member States. Politics saves with the money borrowed not our economy, but the financial sector from losses due to the crisis. At the same time, bank loans enable political influence. Because of these mechanisms, they have a strong interest that the economic crisis, resulting from the corona measures, turn out as devastating as possible. They therefore use the channels open to them in the media to spread further fear intensify the economic situation. They also advertise through institutions such as the IMF or the World Bank for a further shift of power in favour of supranational organisations, because this will continue to increase their influence on global financial policy.

The financial sector already plays a major role in foreign policy and in global response to the corona pandemic, including the recent events in Belarus: The IMF as the long arm of the Banking sector offered the economically struggling state in June 2020 940 million in aid credits and requested in return, that the small country also has corona measures such as lockdown, mask obligation and quarantine (12). The background to these demands were that Belarus, by its sober approach to the

Corona virus, disrupted the desired narrative of the deadly pandemic. Viewing the long list of countries that have received IMF loans in the context of the Corona crisis a similar approach appears to be conceivable in these countries as well (13). Lukashenko rejected the interference of the IWF, the consequences for him and his government we can currently observe.

With this approach the financial sector tries, supported by the media as well as the EU in this case, that no state opposes of the agenda or its own goals. The fact that the EU, with the now prepared sanctions, are not really concerned with the course of the possible elections, is the fact that the OSCE has rejected the invitation of Belarus on election observations locally with a poor justification (14).

Apart from the political aspects, the financial sector is abusing the crisis to further the longstanding global cash abolition. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the impact of the switch to digital currencies and what an enormous potential for abuse is associated with this. I would like to urge everyone to look into the real consequences of a cashless society and in particular to internalise which power the operators of a global, digital payment infrastructures could exercise over the entire population.

Influential forces, which already engaged in intensive lobbying to have cash globally abolished before Corona are now using the crisis to boost their purposes. That this also applies to Microsoft founder Bill Gates is only mentioned in passing at this point (15). Given the enormous economic potential in this sector, it is in any case unlikely that these actors would be concerned with something other than money and political influence, even if they hide this behind high-profile “philanthropy”.

So when we are told that we are foregoing cash because of Corona then we shouldn’t ignore the strong economic interests behind it.

All in all, based on my observations in the Bundestag, I come to the conclusion that the financial sector with astonishing implicitness influences politics and now even places its own staff in the highest political offices, without this leading to a public protest against it. If Goldman Sachs managers or IMF chairmen can become presidents of the European Central Bank, the EU obviously has lost every proximity of the needs and interests of the population. And if BlackRock representatives in Germany are seriously considered candidates for chancellor, then we are insufficiently informed about the intentions and methods of the financial sector and accordingly uncritical.

But that is what we should be if, on one hand, the number of billionaires is constantly rising and, at the same time, more and more people are living in abject poverty. This development is no coincidence, but the result of decades of policy in favour of the richest 0.01 percent. The corona crisis will continue to accelerate if we do not resist and organise a broad protest against these events.



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