Norwich Police Rescue Norfolk From World Freedom Alliance Dancers and Happiness

World Freedom Rally Norwich

By Chrissy Truth Seeker, Norwich resident and fearless reporter for NTKP

Eaton Park Demo NorwichWorld Freedom Alliance dancers and musicians had come to participate with Norfolk citizens in a World Rally For Freedom event taking place in Eaton Park Norwich. Events were taking place all over the world from Sydney to Mexico to London to Denmark and Norwich was playing its part.

Police Storm Bandstand Area To Quell Merriment In Keeping With Johnson Regime’s Principles of Totalitarian Rule

There may have been about 200 people in Eaton Park supporting the cause, but it was hard to tell because we were all rather spread out.  Especially when the Police arrived and stood right in the middle of the bandstand causing people to leave their dancing and singing.  Police apparently said that they were worried we would cause some damage.  Pathetic; mostly older people all singing, dancing and playing musical instruments in a concreted area, really what damage did they think we would do.  Lying little pigs. 
I have some fantastic videos that I would like to send, but I think they will be too big to send by email.  I will attach a couple of photos, but stress this is just a few of us, nobody was really interested in gathering and posing for pictures. 
Unfortunately, it rained rather a lot as well which did not help.  But overall I think it was a fantastic day and lots of leaflets and stickers were about. 
We came we saw we mingled we exchanged ideas on how we are going to resist and how we go about it.
Next: World Rally For Freedom 29th May in London its going to be humongous, me and the gang need a lift, anyone going? You can contact me via
Chrissy x
The Norwich Lockdown Rebellion
Norwich Police stormed the Eaton Park Bandstand area to save Norfolk and western civilisation from The Norwich Lockdown Rebellion. Well done lads and lasses many mickles make a muckle 🙂

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