New Team Freedom Party: Germany’s Route Out of Merkel’s COVID-19[84] regime

By Karen Schmidt, 12th December 2021

The COVID-19[84] ‘pandemic’, and the World Economic Forum’s opportunistic Great Fascist Reset on the back of it,  is being hyped up, promoted and supported by the Merkel, Macron and Johnson regimes’ in their respective countries. As time goes by their ‘totalitarian spring’ is facing rising opposition to their Police State policies and oppression.

In Germany, Merkel’s regime of state fear-mongering half-truths, selective nonsense and dictat calling for its citizens unquestioning obedience faces  growing criticism and a rise of new forms of legal and democratic resistance. The formation of a new political party, Team Freedom, being one of them. The thinking and strategy behind Team Freiheit’s  formation are intriguing.

Small and medium sized German businesses are key components in Team Freedom’s development. They are seeking to recruit and establish a chain of political activism over the whole country in the shops and offices the Merkel regime’s COVID-19[84] lunacy has shut down. It gives them the chance to get back at their oppressors in a peaceful and democratic way.

Firstly an extract from the Party’s new website:

The country needs new parties!

Do you agree that we need to create new debate spaces for open political discussion in order to develop the best solutions for our country as a team?
Do you have rooms available? Your restaurant or your shop? Then found your own party there!
We, lawyer Viviane Fischer, lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer and Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab, have just founded the party TEAM FREIHEIT in Berlin.

We provide you with a sample constitution, a possible party programme, a founding protocol (to follow), a schedule as well as – from the Federal Election Commissioner – a checklist and recommendations for collecting documents and want to actively support you in your party work.

Their idea is that the newly formed Team Freiheit will act as an administrative umbrella organisation under which shops, restaurants etc create their own party branch with a sub-name i.e 

  • Team-Freitheit/Ristorante-Bella-Italia-Munich
in UK terms this might be
  • Team-Freedom/Red-Lion-Pub-Chiswick

The German constitution works differently to ours and the constitutional freedoms enjoyed by political parties mean such a strategy might work, we will see. The great thing is despairing German small businesses and their owners have a political movement they can truly get behind with a good chance of saving their businesses and promoting democratic change in the community. 

In the meantime that would give them time to keep business open and simultaneously encourage owners, neighbours etc to become active and hopefully together crack the situation.

Italian Restaurant’s Open 

A new item just came in as well: 50, 000 Italian restaurants have come together and will open up to serve lunch and dinner.

While our different political systems mean that such actions would be more difficult in the UK the idea of the UK’s small and medium scale enterprises getting together to save themselves, in their thousands, from bankruptcy, oblivion and a life of poverty would be a potent political force.

At last the Johnson regime’s deliberate and unwarranted destruction of their lives and livelihoods would get the democratic blowback and challenge its frankly despicable COVID-19[84] Lockdown policies deserved.

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