My hand to you

My hand to you

We’ve lost the sharing

We’ve lost the caring

We’ve lost community and life

All we have is solitude

Lonliness, problems and strife

Inside of us all is a hand

A choice we have to give

But somehow that hand begins to take

Thats how we’ve chosen to live

Extend that theme to a larger scale

I think you know what I mean

Nothing further from your own back yard

Is rosy, ripe and green

With our hands we chose people

To govern and rule our lands

And those in ture chose to take take take

Now all that is left now

Are hands

Its time to look at the hand inside you

Is it tight, grabbing like a fist?

I’m afraid its time to learn how to give

Start now and make a list

Give back the land, give back the air

Give back the sky and sea

Give creatures the right to see the light

Lets learn how to let things be

If our hands could do all of this

Imagine the world from the start

Eden we’ll be – you wait and see

Love will be there

Hand to heart

(c) Debbie Shaw

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