May Holds Up Her Capitulation and Surrender Document as a ‘Deal’ – It’s A Break With Democracy

Watching May’s Downing St statement after her seven hour cabinet meeting struck me as a particularly loathsome new chapter in the betrayal of her country.

They had been focusing on

“…Finding a route out of the current impasse, one that will deliver the Brexit the British people voted for allow us to move forward and allow us to move on, bringing our divided country together”

Her ‘surrender’ document is certainly not what the British people voted for.  She then compounds the misery she has created and become by begging the EU, cap in hand, to extend Article 50 only makes matters worse.

The unconcerned way she stood at the podium reneging once again on manifesto promises made and not forgetting and her often repeated lie that we would leave the EU on March 29th makes your blood boil.

What we are witnessing is the failure of our system of government and the rise of an unaccountable political class highlighted by the Conservative party’s treatment of its own members, able to thumb its nose at its own grass roots supporters in an obnoxious and imperious display of disregard . Here is what can only be described as a gang of elitists showing us the way this country is really run and how the ‘Conservative’ party is being led by gang of corporatist EU supplicants and sychophants, supporetd by a band of snivelling cowards more interested in their own expenses and advancement than the wishes of the people who elected them.

Underpinning her intransigence and failure is the Conservative party machine. The significance of ‘Conservative’ HQ and the Prime Minister stepping in to protect Dominic Grieve from the wrath of his own grassroots constituents is deeply concerning as it is disturbing. They are not prepared to accept that Grieve should be forced to bear the consequences of the anger caused by his treachery toward his own Conservative branch members who deselected him toward his constituents who voted to leave and the country. They know only to well Grieve’s mistake was to be an open and honest traitor where the Conservative party machine, May and Hammond prefer to deal with democracy by working within it and against it with a studied and shameless contempt.

Has this disconnect between party and grassroots always been there? I would have to say yes, and the gulf between all party elites and their ordinary members has become wider. Allowing the untreated sickness of arrogance to grow. Perhaps a silver lining in this whole sorry and abject subversion of the peoples’ will is that our eyes have been opened to just how little our vote counts to people like May and Hammond. Dominic Grieve in his treachery and by the support of his treachery by May has performed a far greater service to the general public than he can possibly imagine.

May is tearing down the Conservatives and Democracy.


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