Local Soccer Mom Versus Multi Billion 5G Industry

Deb Persampire, an American mother, decided to do something when she found out about the 5g rollout in her town, on her street and outside her house. Without her knowledge and apparently without regard for her safety and that of her children; her local council had instructed the installation of ‘small cell’ towers all over town.

Her story is your story, the same thing is happening in the UK. EE and Vodaphone are rolling out 5G technology which recent scientific studies have shown to be harmful to human development and function. Please view the video and share widely

Your Follow Up Notes

Video URL: https://youtu.be/6M7YFI0I9kI

Transcript (PDF): NTKP Transcript


www.ehtrust.org – Environmental Health Trust


www.citizensfor5gawareness.org – (Recommended: Science and activists toolkit available)


Acknowlegdements: Thanks to Garry H up in Peterborough UK for submitting the link to this video. There is hope.


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