Journalism Websites and Books

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If you want to be a citizen journalist, you need to know how write like one. You need to understand what how they do what they do. This post guides you toward those places that practice good habits using the modern arsenal of technology to achieve their objectives.

Journalist sites

Name Link Description Stars 1-5 UK Journalist site:  tools: techniques: jobs: training *****
Online Journalism Blog  UK Journalist site: Working/Training *****
Press Gazette UK  UK Journalist site: Working/Training *****
Hold The Front Page  UK Journalist site: Working/Training *****
National Union Of Journalists  UK Journalist site: Working/Training *****
Cardiff University J. Blog  UK Journalist site: Training *****
Kent University J. Blog UK Journalist site: Training *****
School of J.  UK Journalist site: Training *****





Writing Books

Name Link Description Stars 1-5
The Economist Style Guide Wordery Online Books  A clear and concise style guide *****










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