Jayda Fransen Is a Free Speech Casualty – The Globalists Target Is Free Speech

You can read the original article from which the video was taken at www.jaydafransen.online

In this clip political activist and speaker Jayda Fransen talks about the concerted assault on free speech and freedom of expression taking place. Any conservative with a legitimate political point of view which the censors of Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Paypal etc.. dislike are having their accounts arbitrarily closed down.

This is not occasional or infrequent. This is a systematic, concerted, coordinated, politically motivated campaign against free speech and freedom of expression. Our government has been putting pressure on the big social media organisations to tow their line. And they have. Jayda Fransen’s persecution on the scale she has suffered to date simply could not have occurred a decade ago.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are a measure of a society’s advancement and tolerance. What we are facing now is nothing less than an onslaught against our way of life, traditions and the memory of those who laid down their lives so freedom for their loved ones could endure.

In a way the persecution of so many ordinary people because they are standing up peacefully for what they believe in is a measure their messages success. People are asking “why are they being persecuted?” and listening to their arguments ever more closely. And finding ways to listen to them and support them outside wht can only be described as the Fascist social media channels and Main Stream Media propaganda channels like the Marxist Liberal BBC.

I will be creating media channels on this site to document the persecution of individuals and organisations who are being targeted in the UK and further afield. It will become a repeater station for their articles, events, and thoughts.

People like Jolene Bunting, Jayda Fransen, Paul Golding, Anne Marie Waters, Jamie Goddard, Melanie Shaw and Jon Wedger need to be heard.

As Jayda Fransen says we all have to stand up and be counted. For freedom’s sake.


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