Help AE911Truth and Dylan Avery Make the Ultimate Building 7 Documentary

Introduction: Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth know there is something deeply wrong when the US institutions of government, charged with the safety and well-being of all its citizens, are not able to act on facts brought to their attention which reveal evidence of criminality at work in Government institutions, at all levels, which continues to this day.

Any reasonable person presented with so much evidence of callous, inhuman preparation for, and pre-meditated execution of mass murder, can but wonder at the ‘Homeland security’ agency’s failure to round up and prosecute the perpetrators.

How is it possible for tiny criminal gangs of very powerful, wealthy individuals outside Government to create and embed their own criminal gangs within it, and to direct a country against its lawfull will then get away with it for so long?

Please support the Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth’s efforts to find out.


Free DVD with donation of $30 or more by Monday, November 18!
Help AE911Truth and Dylan Avery Make the Ultimate Building 7 Documentary

This past September saw the release of a major university study proving that the government’s account of the collapse of Building 7 is essentially fraudulent. And yet, while the study has attracted some attention, this explosive development has gone almost completely ignored in the mainstream media.

I need your help now to bring this information to millions more people. Starting today, AE911Truth is teaming up with Loose Change creator Dylan Avery to produce a powerful documentary highlighting the extraordinary conclusions of this study and the epic failure of our institutions to tell the truth about Building 7 — and we need your support to make it possible.

Will you donate now to make sure this film gets made and reaches millions of people around the world?

We must raise $20,000 by Monday, November 18. Your gift today will ensure that Dylan has the budget he needs to make a short documentary of the highest calibre. The film will be shot with professional cinematography and sound and will feature quality archival footage as well as interviews with Dr. Leroy Hulsey and other top engineers.

Donate $30 or more by next Monday and we’ll mail you a free DVD of the documentary when it’s released early next year!

Please give generously by Monday, November 18, to help produce the ultimate Building 7 documentary that needs to be made now.



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