Grant Shapps MP and Government Receive Scathing Criticism Over ‘Pandemic’ Handling From Constituent

Scathing Criticism of Grant Shapps From Councillor

Mia Americanos-Molinaro is a Councillor in Grant Shapps MP’s Welwyn Hatfield constituency.

In this letter she offers the Secretary of State for Transport a scathing rebuke for the ‘Conservative’ governments record during the ‘pandemic’ and its seemingly endless destructive and damaging lockdown regime.

Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP
House of Commons

11 February 2021

Dear Mr Shapps,

Not satisfied with bringing this country to its knees, decimating our retail, leisure and entertainment industries, our children’s education and our mental well-being, the Conservative Government, in particular you and the Health Secretary – Mr Hancock appear to be embarked on a program to rob the British people of any hope for their future. Sir Charles Walker MP got it right when he called your moves to punish those that wish to travel a “depressing intervention”.

You have instructed people not to book holidays, until the government knows more about the virus. How much more do you need to know? The numbers of deaths and infections are down, the numbers of beds occupied due to covid19 are down, the prevalence of all respiratory illnesses go down with improving weather. We know that all viruses mutate and that those mutations are usually more transmissible but less dangerous, we know we have vastly improved treatment protocols for those infected and we have an effective rollout of vaccines to the tune of 12 million to date according to your own email to me this morning! So why the announcement yesterday about the introduction of such draconian laws to punish people up to a possible ten years for mis-declarations?

Former Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption rightly questioned that at a time when sexual violations against minors attract a maximum of 7 year sentences why the Health Secretary would think a sentence of 10 years for a regulatory offence of non-disclosure is proportionate? Are our prisons not overwhelmed already? I find myself in total agreement with Dominic Grieve who has stated this is “entirely disproportionate”.

It is not hard to envisage the scenario of a family abroad on a much-needed break, only to find out that the country they are in is suddenly placed on a high-risk status placing it on the “red list.” This will mean a minimum of 10 days in quarantine at a high cost in a government hotel upon their return home. Why apply these heavy handed measures when testing facilities are freely available and steps can be taken to safely quarantine infected persons only?

Every day, more people are questioning where the government is going with this imposed lockdown? There appears to be no program for a way out, rather it appears to be hell-bent on destroying the country’s small businesses, our childrens’ education and our spiritual and mental wellbeing. Step by step the government has lied to us, first it was locking down for a couple of weeks to “flatten the curve”, supposedly saving the NHS from being overwhelmed in order to save lives. Yet here we are almost a year on – still locked down. Thousands of businesses have been forced to close, some never to re-open, thousands are suffering with depression and from domestic abuse with our poorest suffering the most. Our Prime Minister assured us there would be no vaccine passport and yet now by all accounts “everything is on the table”.

How many more of our freedoms will you take? More and more doctors and scientists are saying we will have to learn to live with this respiratory virus just as we have learned to live with the myriad of influenza flu viruses. Yet you are introducing more restrictive measures rather than recognizing the reality of how viruses work and how they need to become endemic within a population.

I do not support the totalitarian measures this Conservative government is rolling out. I do not agree with your advice on travel nor Matt Hancock’s draconian laws. Your policies are simply not in line with the scientific information available. It is apparent that more and more control is being exercised over the British people, with less discussion in the House of Commons and even less democratic agreement.

As a small business owner and a grandmother desperate to see her grandchildren I would like to know what plans the government has for the exit of this lockdown. I would like to know the timeframe over which you shall reverse the “emergency” measures introduced during this last year and most of all I would like assurances that this government shall not be seeking to repeat all of the above every time a virus mutates.

I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience and thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Mia Americanos-Molinaro
The For Britain Movement

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