German Corona Investigative Committee – An International Network For Justice is growing

By Karen Schmitt, London, 19th Feb 2021

In July 2020 a group of 4 lawyers went public in Germany to do what a lot of people thought our government should have done at the beginning of the “Corona crisis” or at least within 2 weeks of announcing the first lockdown in March 2020:

  • investigate whether the COVID-19 situation was as serious as initially perceived
  • look at the scientific research
  • listen to a broad variety of experts
  • compare numbers
  • figure out where they went wrong
  • work out what needs to be done to rectify the situation

Since then the lawyers have had 1-2 sessions a week, all of them live streamed and then published in their full length, in which they are interviewing people from many different areas. Medical experts, psychologists, business owners, lawyers, carers, financial experts, children affected by the measures and many more.


Stiftung Corona Ausschuss – Corona Foundation Committee

Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been investigating in live sessions lasting several hours why federal and state governments have imposed unprecedented restrictions on the coronavirus event and what consequences they have had and have for people.

German – English translation at


Contents of their work as well as information which has been passed to them is publicly available at their website Stiftung Corona Ausschuss.

The majority of the sessions are in German. However since starting the committee they have been additionally interviewing international experts and lawyers. Moreover they’ve been contacted by people outside of Germany who offered their knowledge and insight. This has lead to sessions being partially conducted in English as well.

If you are interested in all the sessions please click here:

Stiftung Corona Ausschuss – Sessions

Please be aware that not all of them are any longer on YouTube due to censoring. This has usually affected the sessions which are dominated by English content. (Shocker!)  If a link doesn’t seem to work you should find them here at the growing YouTube alternative (recommended) Website

The Corona Investigative Committee have now had their very first international session (either in English or translated back into English), which they are planning on going ahead with on a weekly / bi-weekly basis.

The idea is to inform the public, as well as the responsible powers behind the plandemic, how large the movement has become and that they are no longer 4 “insubstantial” lawyers playing court.

This Wednesday’s session (17.02.2021) has been extremely interesting and gives an indication how things are developing in the U.S., Italy, Austria, Israel and Spain.

If I may suggest that you find yourself your favourite beverage, a lot of it, put your feet up and then click here:

Sondersitzung 40 – The Great Recall – International

Should you be on Telegram app then you can follow them there under Corona Ausschuss. Here they will announce any upcoming sessions with date & time as well as any ad-hoc meetings.

Karen Schmitt

Karen Schmitt lives, works and writes in London. You can contact her via this website at

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