18th October 2021

GAB Highlights US Elitist Free Speech Stitch-Up

Introduction – Over the past year or so GAB has established its independence from the Silicon Valley Elitist Media Club and is adding functionality all the time. It now has a secure chat area. We need alternatives to the agenda narrative of the corporatist Globalist elite.
Sites like GAB will be the information underground of the future.

Political Advertising on Gab

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Political advertising online has become a hot topic issue for the 2020 Presidential election. Twitter recently announced that they will no longer allow political advertising on their site at all. Google quickly followed and announced their crackdown on political advertising. Facebook is facing tremendous pressure to do the same.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are also censoring and no-platforming populist candidates for political office on both the left and right around the world. Take Laura Loomer for example, who has been banned and no-platformed from Facebook, Twitter, and even Uber.

Despite this dystopian reality, Laura’s campaign is proving to be wildly successful in fundraising efforts by out-raising her opponent for two consecutive quarters. The Daily Beast, a far-left blog, even nervously reported this week that Loomer “could actually get to Congress.” Laura has been able to do this largely because she still has a voice on Gab and also because she has a direct connection with her supporters through email marketing.

The elites realize that online advertising is empowering anti-establishment populists and their supporters to break through the narrative control of the mainstream media. This isn’t only happening in the United States, but also around the world. Take the VOX political party in Spain for example, which is facing tremendous censorship from Big Tech. Spain is now one of Gab’s fastest growing markets because of this censorship.

Silicon Valley isn’t only going after right wing candidates and political parties, but they are also targeting the populist left wing candidates and influencers as well. Especially those who support Bernie Sanders. Populist candidates with grassroots support are facing the full force and power of the establishment elites who control a large portion of Silicon Valley’s corner of the internet.

Gab has a growing community of almost 3 million people who are visiting Gab, Gab Trends, Gab Chat, and Dissenter every month. At Gab we are building a new frontier online. One grounded in American privacy and speech laws and powered by open source technology.

Laura’s initial success on Gab inspired us to think about how we could offer other political candidates the opportunity to directly communicate their messages to voters on our platform and help them raise funds in the process to support their campaigns.

So today Gab is excited to announce that we are launching a political advertising offering and will be piloting this offering with several 2020 Congressional candidates on both the left and the right over the coming months. Free speech is inherently political, especially given that political speech is being censored around the world online.

There will be no invasive and creepy tracking across the web with Gab’s ads. Just some simple old school banner ads, promoted posts on Gab, and good old fashioned emails.

We have been experimenting with several placement options on Gab Trends and Gab Social to promote our own merchandise and our GabPRO subscription service. We are now ready to bring the power of this system to political candidates just in time for the 2020 election cycle.

When we spoke with our users about this the vast majority of them said they supported the idea of ads to help fund Gab as long as they weren’t invasive like Big Tech. To be clear: we are not doing any creepy invasive tracking and we are not selling your information. Gab users can enjoy an ad-free experience on Gab by upgrading to GabPRO to help support and fund the site.

Before wrapping this up, there is one point regarding our advertising standards policy that we’d like to draw your attention to.

Gab.com is and always will be the home of free speech on the Internet. We will always attempt to adhere to a First Amendment standard – as set out in our Terms of Service – for the moderation of user-generated content on our site. Users can choose who they follow, do not follow, mute, and block. It’s not our business to police consensual and voluntary communications between our users.

An advertising service, however, is different, because it is not merely the provision of a place to speak. Advertising is the use of Gab’s platform as a megaphone to put unsolicited messages in front of our (overwhelmingly centrist and center-right) 1.1 million Gab users and over 2 million Gab Trends readers. Everyone should have a right to speak online, but no-one has the right to force Gab to feature and amplify their speech. Accordingly, there are certain types of advertising we will turn down as a matter of policy.

We will accept mainstream political advertising from the right and left. Eventually we will accept mainstream advertising from organizations that have been wrongfully deplatformed en masse by Silicon Valley companies including e.g. pro-life groups, firearms companies, and advocacy groups.

  • We will not accept advertisements that call for or advocate in favor of violence, political or otherwise. 
  • We will not accept advertisements that promote extreme discriminatory intolerance toward any group of people, whether based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political belief.
  • We will not accept advertisements which defame, harass, are illegal in the United States, or advocate for illegal action.
  • We will not accept advertisements for pornography or adult content.
  • Finally, we will not accept advertisements for financial services or investment promotion e.g. multi level marketing schemes or Initial Coin Offerings. 

We are excited to experiment with this new offering and can’t wait to help political candidates on both the left and the right communicate with and reach a broader audience of millions of people on Gab.

If you’re interested in learning more please contact support@gab.com

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