GAB.COM, Free Speech and Bitcoin

Let’s hear it for the fiesty frog!

Free speech and freedom of expression website has for some considerable time been at the receiving end of systematic abuse by some of the world’s largest and supposedly reputable international financial institutions.
It has been a  privilege to watch the GAB team,  based in Texas USA,  overcome all obstacles to survive and prosper. 
I just got this newsletter from GAB and I want to pass it on for several reasons. Here is just part of their story.
The road increasingly less travelled by the mainstream media.


Firstly: because I genuinely care about this organisation and what they are trying to do. When they went down because their service provider de-platformed them I thought they were down for good and I was pleased as punch when they got back on their feet. They have not given up on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

This is a fascinating and deadly struggle between the feudal fascism of the globalists where only their views, values and policies are allowed. The Globalist elite is pitched against the people and their free speech and freedom of expression.

Secondly: GAB is using Alt-technology not to circumvent the law created and enforced by elected lawmakers  but to circumvent the rule of ‘laws’ and values enforced by overpowerfull corporations, financial and tech – the Globalists. It is as much a technical battle as it is an ideological one. Bitcoin has been on my radar for some time. GABs need for alternative methods of finance to keep them up and running is a challenge we must all meet if we want to go somewhere, someplace where we can read what we want and say what needs to be said.

Thirdly: GAB’s letter asks for our support, their track record shows they thoroughly deserve it. I am going to support them and I hope you can to.

From: GabNews {at} // This is their news-mail. you can sign up at

Subject: Free Speech Money

In early 2019 Gab introduced bitcoin to our community of people from around the world. Bitcoin went on to be the best performing asset of 2019, outpacing even the 31% return for US tech stocks. The price of bitcoin isn’t what makes bitcoin important to us though. Being able to process payments on the internet without permission from banks, governments, or Silicon Valley tyrants and censorship is.
GabPro, our optional subscription service, makes Gab possible. Which means people like you make Gab possible. It’s why Gab has been attacked so hard at the payment processing level of internet infrastructure. We have The People on our side and the ultimate way to choke off The People from Gab is at the payment processing level.

The powers that be have
banned us from Paypal, Stripe, Coinbase, Bitpay, Square, and 50+ banks have rejected us for debit/credit payment processing.

Despite all of this we have found ways that empower you the user to
support Gab. Two of them can not be censored and offer a hybrid approach of old tech and new tech to accomplish this. Old tech like check by mail to our PO Box and echeck, as well as new tech like bitcoin combine to make Gab’s unstoppable payments infrastructure.

Bitcoin is free speech money. It is now approximately 30% of Gab’s operating revenue as of this writing. We expect this to grow going into 2020 and beyond.

Gab needs bitcoin. In fact, it can be argued that
Gab is the ultimate use case for bitcoin. Gab is a legal US business selling software subscriptions and hats, but can’t process payments on the internet.


Because the social justice lynch mob says so.
Because banks say so.
Because a cabal of tech corporations say so.

Bitcoin makes them all irrelevant. Buying bitcoin is the ultimate defiance against the entire establishment order. Aside from this: it’s the obvious path forward for Gab to grow as business, but more importantly as a community and movement.

Learn about our plans to introduce millions of people to censorship-resistant free speech money.

Securely Store Your Bitcoin With Ledger 

Use Bitcoin or Check to Go GabPro And Support Us



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