For Britain: Law and Order Policy

Introduction: The significance of an anti-British mob trying to set fire to a British flag on the Cenotaph; a memorial to the British and Commonwealth dead in their millions, that fought for Freedom, Democracy and Justice is a deep insult to their memory our country and our way of life.


For Britain’s Policy on Law and Order.

For Britain will:

  • Remove the police from political control. For Britain recognises that the police need to be accountable to the local populace, and as such will introduce a Public Sector Accountability Act to allow people to hold senior police officers accountable for failure to perform their basic duty

  • Reform Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary from being a puppet of the government to impartial judge of police service professionalism
  • Prevent further merging of police forces and give consideration to restoring smaller police forces rooted in local communities or specific activities, whilst retaining the National Crime Agency
  • Reverse the outsourcing of policing roles such as control room, custody facilities and the forensic science service
  • Increase police numbers to at least to 2010 levels, improve pay and restore the status of the office of constable
  • Remove Magistrates’ Courts from the management of the HMCTS and re-establish local, independent Magistrates’ Court committees, responsible for their own staff, who are no longer to be subject to a civil servant management framework
  • Place any discounting of a guilty plea at the discretion of the prosecutor to offer or withhold this by reference to the strength of evidence, views of the witnesses, and public interest
  • Abolish suspended sentences – if a judge considers that a case is serious enough to warrant a custodial sentence, release should only be granted on compassionate grounds or following substantial efforts at reform such as the completion of training and education courses
  • Abolish all distinct racially or religiously aggravated offences, inciting hatred based upon religion, and all statutory aggravating factors based upon the victim’s personal characteristics
  • Ensure it is made a criminal offence for any person to participate in a religious trial in relation to marital status or the upbringing of children that purports to supersede UK law
  • Ensure the prosecution of all criminal offences including bigamy, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse of minors and domestic violence shall be enforced without excuse or mitigation based upon religion or culture.
  • Create a new criminal offence of wearing a facial covering in public or other specified places, subject to the wearer being able to demonstrate a good reason, which shall exclude compliance with a religious obligation or cultural norm
  • Establish a special criminal court to try terrorism cases. This court will be more inquisitorial in nature than the UK’s traditional adversarial criminal courts system, and prioritise ascertaining the facts and protecting the public over traditional procedural shields for the defence
  • Abolish any degree requirement and prevent direct entry at senior level. The police service is being destroyed by political correctness and the degree requirement will put all recruits in the hands of Marxist lecturers. You do not need a degree to do a bobby’s job! It also means police officers start their careers in debt, like other graduates. It is not a good idea for policemen to be in debt; in fact it was a disciplinary offence at one time because it makes them vulnerable to manipulation.
  • Ensure the police are using a meritocratic recruitment and promotion system which is blind to race and gender and which does not chase targets. Some forces currently have ethnic or gender targets which results in some unsuitable people being recruited and promoted.

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