Enslavement By Compound Interest And Human Nature

Listed below are a few of the major commercial and civil activities carried out by the world’s great institutions and enterprises driving the progress humanity into the future. They are interconnected of course but it is not always clear how. Deliberately so.

  • War – The military industrial complex
  • Energy – Big oil and coal
  • Manufacturing, communications and Computing
  • Water – Mega water utility companies
  • Drugs – Big Agriculture, Pharma, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana
  • Banking – Legal, criminal and protected criminal
  • Intelligence – The Intelligence onion, schizophrenic use and abuse of powers
  • Government – local, national, International
  • Direction by the controlling mind – A consensus reached by a ruling class collective

Enter the bankers

Banking deserves a special mention. International banking provides the financial plumbing needed to enable world trade wherever it happens, it is ever present in all categories of commerce,  entering  and exiting the purses, wallets and treasuries of  individuals, companies and governments.

Banks do provide valuable services enabling trade, after all money changers and loan merchants have been around since money was invented. But as time has gone by the Bankers have become ruthless amoral predators, often referred to as ‘Banksters’ as a take on the term Gangsters, preying upon us all.

The ideal bank customer is one who takes out a loan – the bigger the better – can earn enough to pay their rent or mortgage, clothe themselves and their families, eat and have just enough left over to pay all the interest(rent) on their oustanding loans and never be in a position to pay off those loans. In this situation the bankers will keep their hand in your pocket your whole life. This is a highly desirable and profitable arrangement for the banks and at the same time a system of social control. Happy days. The problem for the banks is that loans are usualy fixed term and must come to an end when it is reached. The banks have to work hard at and compete for new borrowers, private individuals and enterprises.

The bankers have worked out how to keep their hands in taxpayers’ pockets forever whether they wanted them there or not. Its called servicing the National Debt. For the moment just note that the new feudal aristocracy’s banking members give loans to governments which are never paid off. The interest payable on these loans is raised in taxes, from you and me the taxpayer forever. But thats not all, what if the bankers created money out of nothing, just printed it up and handed it over to the Treasury who then charged the taxpayer interest (rent) on it. They can’t do that can they? YES THEY BLOODYWELL CAN.

The big question is why is our Government intent on keeping this exploitation of the taxpayer going, why indeed? We throw a little light on the subject through case studies and testimony from insiders.

  • Financing government debts is far more profitable and easier to rig. Slightly less so in developed economies but in the third and developing world banking is a bottomless pit of corruption or profit, or both, depending on your  point of view.
  • Understanding how the Bankers create and maintain a jealously guarded parasitic relationship with all taxpaying individuals of any nation though the national debt is fundamental to understanding how truly corrupt our systems of government are.
  • Understanding how bankers enslave you with compound interest on personal and business loans – which to some extent you can control and loans to government which you can’t – is at the core of the move to a new feudal aristocracy as the dominant form of world government today.

The ruling group of bankers who have an incredible amount of influence over the way the world is run are a completely different lot to the 99.99% of decent, honest bank and financial services employees who go to work to earn a crust, do a good job and go home at night to their families. Articles and stories on this website concentrate on how this tiny ruling class of international financiers make the rules others follow including governments.

Like any specialist trade bankers have developed tools and techniques to maximise their profits. Like any efficeint business they seek to maximise profit using the least effort, or cost. One of the easiest ways of making money is to take it from the taxpayer. To do this on a large and sustainable scale Bankers need to enlist the help of Politicians. Like most clever exploitation it is a simple set of rules, procedures and techniques, a system, profiting from human weakness, arrogance and greed to create the demand for money (debt) which the bankers satisfy,  again and again.


  1. Basic point – Governments like spending other peoples (taxpayers) money.
  2. Basic point – Bankers like loaning Governments money to spend and getting rent ( interest )
  3. Basic point – Just like individuals Governments always want more money but they differ because they make the laws and dictate what taxes the individual will pay to support their spending habit. In theory Governments are supposed to act on behalf of their electors. In practice a new, global, wealthy, feudal aristocracy is asserting itself over democracy and the banksters are at the heart of the takeover/ coup d’etat
  4. Basic point – Bankers like wars, they will fund both sides regardless, more war means more taxes, more war means bigger bigger loans and more rent.
  5. Basic point – Bankers like big infrastructure projects. In John Perkins ‘Confessions of an economic hit man’ thirld world and developing economies are sold projects they don’t need at sky high prices they can’t afford. If the governments dont like it or cannot be corrupted they are removed.
  6. Basic point – Money is power, political power, bankers are vain enough to believe they are genetically superior to the people and governments they are able to corrupt to their will.
  7. Bankers need secrecy because the power they wield is usually gained by usurping, and is at odds with the political system of their host. Transparency would reveal the extent and must be avoided at all costs.
  8. Bankers are parasites, intelligent, highly skilled, highly motivated parasites

Bankers have devised and meticulously honed ways and means of encouraging, creating and living off debt over a very long time, hundreds and thousands of years. Along the way they have created hotlines and backchannels into all stata of private and public life. Good connections make good profits. Wherever money is Bankers are.

In following articles we will be looking at in depth at how a tiny group of financiers and bankers influence and in many cases run the world, and more importantly what supposed ‘Governments’ let them get away with and why.

The following quote describes bankers Goldman Sachs exquisitely well

“The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” – Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone – “The Great American Bubble Machine

Rolling Stone –The Vampire Squid Occupies Trump’s White House, After running against Goldman as a candidate, Donald Trump licks the boots of the world’s largest investment bank

Compound Interest

Charging interest on interest over the lifetime of a loan.

e.g from www.mortgagesexposed.com – If interest is not paid during the loan lifetime, it is added on to the capital owing. There comes a time when interest should be calculated on the new, increased capital, now including the previous unpaid interest. Compound interest therefore recognises that interest is capitalised after a preset period. Future interest is then charged on the new, higher capital for the next period.

Figure 2
Compound interest example over three years  
£100,000 growing @ 3.5% per annum compounding annually, with no repayments.

Interest added

Capital owing




Starting Capital

End of year 1



Add 3.5% of £103,500

End of year 2



Add 3.5% of £107122

End of year 3



Add 3.5% of £110871

Interest is added to the capital owing at the previous year-end, so it is capitalised. The following year’s interest is then charged on the higher capital amount owing at each year-end.

The longer the compounding period, the more dramatic is the effect. Over 100 years for example, an initial £1,000 at the same 12% interest rate would grow to over £3.1 million. Without compounding it would worth just £ 450,000. Clearly, given sufficient time, compound interest can have a surprisingly large outcome…

Source: http://www.mortgagesexposed.com/

On an interest only mortgage, provided you pay off the interest each year it remains a simple interest loan. However if you get into trouble the unpaid interest will be added to the principle effectively compounding it.

Interest Only Mortgage Example – www.moneysavingexpert.com – If you took out a £100,000 interest only at 3.5% over 25 years you would pay

  • Per month, you repay £292 – assuming your interest rate stays the same
  • Total you’ll repay over full term £187,579 (Includes mortgage debt, £100,000 + total interest £87,579)

Define Government, quango, NGO, Public/Private companies. Transparency/Lack Of



In ancient times the barter system, the simple exchange of different types of goods, did the job but had severe limitations. Not everyone wants to trade animal skins for salt at any given time, so the need for a medium of exchange which held its value led to the creation of money and money specialists, the bankers. Over thousands of years clever bankers figured out how to make a profit not just on gold, silver and bronze coins stacking up in huge quantities in their vaults doing nothing, but all manner of assets and financial transactions. In essence assets under banker control are rented out to people who needed it for a fee. That fee is what we know as interest. Part of the Bankers’ fees go to the asset owner (depositor) and the Bankers pocket the difference.


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