Edward Snowden – America’s brief window on the truth

In 2013 Edward Snowden leaked a trove of documents to the worlds press showing how the NSA, CIA and allied intelligence services were breaking laws and setting fire to the much vaunted US Constitution in order to place the US and world populations in a mass surveillance state.

Snowden’s career progress from a 21 year old ‘computer wizard’ with an IQ of 145 to CIA employee to a contractor for Dell and finally Booz Allen Hamilton contracting for the NSA is well documented in many books and articles, you can find out more at his website www.edwardsnowden.com and by following the links at the end. This article

Struggling with his conscience and morals while routinely breaking the law on behalf of the CIA and NSA against the people of the United States he took his life in his hands and released highly classified documents as evidence against them. It was brave thing to do and after the advance of the State security services into peoples’ lives after the World Trade Centre demolition on September 11 2001, timely.

We are led to believe that somehow governments enforce the laws of the land over their security and intelligence services. Snowden’s revelations showed they do not. You can find out more about what these government embedded organised crime gangs operate by reading. “No place to hide” a disturbing account of illegal mass surveillance, lies, deceit, intransigence and systemic lack of accountability.

Tempting though it is to follow the fates of individuals, more important is thinking through the gangs’ modus operandi in national and international institutions who and what they are and how they cover their tracks. Snowden and others have given us a great opportunity to build a model revealing the extent of the criminality worldwide. To show the worlds shadow government into relief.

Snowden has been painted as a saint by his supporters and a traitor by his detractors. I am tending toward saint in opposition to one of the plainest examples of media manipulating the masses with CIA supplied propaganda. Now the whistleblower has become a ‘treasonous spy’ while the state and its intelligence services have become the victim.

The author Douglas Valentine in his book “The CIA as organised crime” describes the CIA as an organised crime syndicate using criminal methods to achieve criminal objectives. They do this consistently and with apparent immunity from the rule of law.


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