Dr Vernon Coleman: “Doctors and Nurses Giving the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried As War Criminals”

Introduction: Dr Vernon Coleman is a man of sound medical knowledge and wisdom who has championed campaigns medical and otherwise for many years. Since the Governments campaign of COVID-19 lies and disinformation began in earnest with the passing of the notoriously under-debated Coronavirus Act 2020. He has been an outspoken critic of the medical ‘facts’ being used in support of the COVID Terror and tyranny.

In this video Dr Coleman discusses with increasing frustration and anger the ignorance and lack of accountability which enables the Government and its medical advisors to say that the experimental vaccines are safe. He takes to task the Archbishop of Canterbury and MP David Lammy for their  stupidity in parroting that “the vaccines are safe”.

Let the Doctor explain 

By Dr Vernon Coleman, www.vernoncoleman.com

Copy and Paste: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MQKnxJ72GEGP/

About Dr Vernon Coleman (from website biography) selected text only

“Vernon Coleman was educated at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, Staffs. He then spent a year as a Community Service Volunteer in Liverpool where he was the first of Alec Dickson’s ‘catalysts’. (Ref 1 below). He studied medicine at Birmingham Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1970. He has worked both in hospitals and as a GP. He resigned from the health service on a matter of principle. (Ref 2 below).”

Vernon Coleman: Doctor
He qualified as a doctor in 1970 and has worked both in hospitals and as a GP. He is still registered and licensed to practice as a GP principal. He has founded and organised many campaigns concerning iatrogenesis, drug addiction and the abuse of animals and has given evidence to committees at the House of Commons and House of Lords. Dr Coleman’s campaigns have often proved successful. For example, after a 15 year campaign (which started in 1973) he eventually persuaded the British Government to introduce stricter controls governing the prescribing of benzodiazepine tranquillisers. `Dr Vernon Coleman’s articles, to which I refer with approval, raised concern about these important matters,’ said Edwina Currie, Parliamentary Secretary for health in the House of Commons in 1988.

Vernon Coleman: Journalist
He has worked as a columnist for numerous national newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Star, The Sunday Express and The People and has written columns for over 50 regional newspapers. His columns and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world. He has contributed articles to hundreds of other publications including The Sunday Times, Observer, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Punch, Woman, Woman’s Own, The Lady, Spectator and British Medical Journal. He was the founding editor of the British Clinical Journal. He was for some years one of the highest paid columnists in Britain.

Vernon Coleman: Broadcaster
He has presented numerous programmes on television and radio and was the original breakfast television doctor. He was television’s first agony uncle (on BBC1’s The Afternoon Show). He has presented three TV series based on his bestselling book Bodypower.

Read the original biographical article here: http://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm


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