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Simone Gold MD

NTKP Introduction: Dr Simone Gold is a leading member of the activist US campaign group Americas Frontline doctors. They are the people who stood on the steps in Washington in their white coats and in the full glare of publicity declared that the US Governments Covid-19 narrative was false. The fightback she and her colleagues have organised since then is just brilliant.

At the heart of their struggle in the US and for us here in the UK is getting the same message to the ordinary public who for a variety of reasons havn’t heard; that they are being misinformed and defrauded on a scale never before seen. Americas Frontline Doctors and we need to retell the truth every chance we get despite a puppet Main Stream Media working hard to ‘cancel’ the truth and those who speak it.

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By Simone Gold MD, Americas Frontline Doctors, 10th June 2021. 

Cancel culture: I know you’ve seen it swirling around you in politics, entertainment, and education, but do you realize the implications of medical cancel culture may affect you most dangerously of all?

A free society must consistently and staunchly oppose cancel culture in all its forms. As we know, silencing speech is the hallmark of communist regimes, not of free nations.

The Constitution is neither right nor left. It is the middle ground between tyranny and anarchy. In recent years, gagging those who believe in the Constitution has become accepted, setting a course for a very dangerous destination of massive human repression by government, big tech, and mainstream media, the likes of which have only been witnessed in totalitarian dictatorships.

Enter COVID-19.

The past year has swept up our country in a frenzy of fear, misinformation, suspicion, division, and wholly un-American suppression of ideas and medical news.

Justifying their attempts to clamp down on medical research and the free and honest flow of medical discovery by claiming to “protect you”, ideologues have tried to shut down any source that might call into question their official narrative. (Which changes frequently- but only the CDC is allowed to modify directives repeatedly and tell you what to think and when to think it- taking a page from Orwell’s Animal Farm.)

Who is there to speak up for you when you can’t get accurate information about your own health, free of anyone’s political, financial, or ideological agenda?

America’s Frontline Doctors are your warriors, that’s who. That is why we do what we do. We can’t sit down and we won’t be silent.

Try as they might to paint us- and you – as unscientific, fringe or even dangerous for speaking truth and defending freedom, the majority know that sound medical research and an open flow of ideas, not a single controlling government mouthpiece, is the way science works. AFLDS is doing exactly that.

But we need your help. Your gift of $25 or more will support our national efforts to fight back against those who are continually seeking to undermine liberties- specifically your medical ones. You may be able to give $50 $100, or even $1,000 or more. I would be grateful for your support at any level.

Medical cancel culture is the newest form of repression trotted out by the unholy trinity of big government, big media, and big tech, and someone’s got to take them on.

Who is there to speak for you? When you support AFLDS, that warrior is you.

In the trenches with you for freedom,

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Dr. Simone Gold, Founder
America’s Frontline Doctors

P.S. — If you have already supported AFLDS, thank you! We are grateful for youIf you have not already done so, please let me hear from you. Please consider donating monthly to support our effort to turn the tide of tyranny and live free!

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