Doctors For Truth: There Is No COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctors For Truth Press Conference 5:29 pm · 15 Oct 2020 Announcing lawsuit against Dutch Government on Unjustified Lockdown restrictions

Transcript of this edited video:

Elke De Klerk (Netherlands)

Hello I am Elke De Klerk from the Netherlands and I want to state that we do not have a medical pandemic or epidemic. We also state that COVID-19 should not be on list A because we now know it is a normal flu virus and the normal flu virus isn’t on list A. So we are also starting a lawsuit to the state of the Netherlands, to bring this [lawsuit] in with a large group of doctors and a really large group of nurses also because we have contact with 87,000 nurses who do not want the vaccine being prepared for us. 

I want to state I am wondering why if there is no pandemic why our kids are in schools with masks? There are absolute constitutional rights which cannot be infringed or [distorted possibly invalidated ] for any medical reason. 

There is no reason for panic, also in the medical practice[s] there is no reason for panic. The panic is created by these false positive PCR-Tests. 89 to 94% of those tests are false positive, they don’t test for COVID-19 the rest are false negative. We need to start looking at the clinic [cases]. Medical doctors need to stop looking at those tests, that’s very important. Let’s go back to the clinics and the facts.

We in the Netherlands now have the regular press publishing now that the PCR tests are not the correct tests and I am very happy about that.

So there is hope, thank you.

Professor Dolores Cahill (Ireland)

Statistics have come out that up until April 2020 there were zero deaths in Ireland. These are the official statistics from the Central Statistics Office ( CSO ). The first death was in April and in the whole country in 2020 we have 98 deaths out of a country of 5 million people. In Ireland 30,000 people die every year: 10,000 from cardio vascular disease, 10,000 from cancer. Those 98 [covid-19]deaths in Ireland were preventable if the were given preventative treatment. Now there will probably be thousands of more deaths from cancer and cardiovascular [disease]



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