COVID-19[84] – Facebook, Google, Twitter Think They Know More Than US Front Line Doctors – They Don’t

When American front line doctors stand together in front of Congress and take issue with their Government and corporate America to stop them killing their own people then you know there is something deeply wrong.

This latest action by concerned moderate doctors in the US follows close on the heels of doctors all over the world protesting what they see as an ongoing abuse of science and facts they see in their surgeries every day.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have banned a live stream and subsequent video of the doctors passionate appeal to use there experience and common sense in treating COVID-19 correctly with HydroxyChloroquine, Zinc supplements and Tetrazine. 

This video banned on FaceBook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube appears on GAB.COM at the following URL



To let you know what it is like to cross swords with the Pharma/Social media/Government Cartel just look at what they are doing to the online Conservative/moderate Breitbart News Service.

“Breitbart News Appeals Twitter Account Suspension, ‘Review’ Drags Out Beyond 48 Hours”

Read the article here:


UK Doctor:

NHS doctor hits out at coronavirus second wave fears in online rant ‘No different to flu!’

Read article here:


Gaetz: ‘Congress Will Not Do Anything on Big Tech Because Congress Is Bought Off by Big Tech’

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We are witnessing an emerging network of fascistic behaviour  -unrestrained censorship and denial of free speech.



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