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British Political Party Goes On The Warpath against Lockdowns, The Health Terror and ‘The Great Reset’

Anne Marie Waters appeals to us all to educate ourselves, our friends and neighbours about the threat – and resist.

She is the latest in a growing international movement against the whole basis on which the COVID 19 pandemic scandal has been yolked around our necks

The UK’s Defence Sell out To The EU

  By Richard Carlyon, For Britain Defence Spokesman, 13th October 2019 Our entire Defence capability will be switched to EU control on November 1st – no matter what happens with Brexit. Despite a clear national vote to leave the EU, despite the Government’s prime responsibility to defend our realm, its

The For Britain Movement – A Refuge From Barbarism and Tyranny

Stepping out of Westminster tube station to join the Brexit Betrayal rally on March the 29th 2019 I wondered what the day would bring. I need not have worried, it was 12:00 and I could see the Union Jacks already flying in Parliament Square, the crowds building and walking around