British Political Party Goes On The Warpath against Lockdowns, The Health Terror and ‘The Great Reset’


Introduction: For Britain is a British political party. It is the first major party in the UK to oppose the Government’s lockdown policies.

In the video below their leader, Anne Marie Waters,  made the party’s opposition to the Boris Johnson Government’s lockdown regime; its reasoning, logic and execution absolutely and resolutely clear.

For Britain has got the message, this is a party with courage of conviction, willing to acknowledge the terrible elitist vanity that is going to destroy our lives and livelihoods while at the same driving us to their tyranny.

In the video appeal below Anne Marie Waters appeals to us all to educate ourselves, our friends and neighbours about the threat – and resist.

She is the latest in a growing international movement against the whole basis on which the COVID 19 pandemic scandal has been yolked around our necks.

Lawyers, doctors and scientists – the best brains in British and International society – are alert to the falsehoods, lies and corruption at work amongst our governments. Just listen to German-American Lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich; he is a member of the investigative committee of lawyers into the Corona Scandal (you can watch his presentation here and also 12,000 scientists and medical workers have signed an open letter calling for an end to lockdown in an open letter.

The open letter, written by experts at Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities has since been signed by more than 12,000 scientists and medical workers, as well as 115,000 members of the public.” Mail Online 

Please share this video for the sake of your families and all that you hold dear.


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For Britain: Reject The Great Reset

Presented by party leader Anne Marie Waters

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