Author Douglas Valentine, Published By Clarity Press

I knew this book was out there somewhere. I didn’t know who the author would be or who the publisher would be but it had to exist. There is a copy on my desk as I write and I hope one day there will be a copy on the desk of every MP in the Westminster Parliament along with every Senator and Representative in the US Congress and every honest and decent police officer.

While searching for news of author Douglas Valentine on the internet, I remembered a similar search for Gary Webb, the author of “The Dark Alliance”, the search took place in 2007,  then the results came back with the sad news that I had missed him, he committed suicide in 2004 cornered and culled by the system Mr Valentine discusses in this book.

It was with a sense of relief and wonder I found Douglas Valentine’s website where he is apparently alive and well. He seems to have made it where many other journalists and authors have fallen.

This book is not based on conjecture, it is based around interviews and conversations with people in the US military and intelligence services at the heart of the covert world since the CIA’s creation. It’s a shocker revealing the presence in the world of an untamed monster capable of the most terrible, brutal, lawless, I repeat lawless, acts of unspeakable evil you could not possibly imagine or associate with the legal elected democracy which hosts it.

Douglas Valentine describes the World media’s conspiracy of silence surrounding the CIA which allows it to hide its evil and true character from its victims, ordinary people. In this extract he talks about his book ‘The Phoenix Progam’,  the CIA administered system of targeted assassination during the Vietnam war and how the political left and right in America refused to acknowledge it.

Let me tell you about my experience with the Compatible Left. William Morrow & Company published The Phoenix Program in 1990, but before it hit the bookstands, The New York Times gave it a terrible review. After that the media wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. The book presented new material they couldn’t digest. I guess it threatened their proprietory claim on Vietnam War History.

The militant right were never going to acknowledge it anyway. But the left’s leadership is part of the CIA’s old boy network and like all American intellectuals, they look to the Times for direction and validation. So the word went out to ignore the book, not just because it revealed CIA secrets, but because it identified the media and the Times in particular, as the reason why the public can’t see the CIA clearly for what it is:

A criminal conspiracy on behalf of wealthy capitalists

Douglas Valentine got his unique access to the CIA after writing to a former director William Colby. Colby was director of the CIA from September 1973 to January 1976 and had spent a lifetime in US intellence before that. Colby was the man with the keys to the kingdom. For whatever reason, and it may have been a troubled conscience, Colby gave Douglas his blessing and opened the doors to contacts whose’ lives and memories would otherwise have remained in the shadows.

I find it remarkable the books subsequently written by Douglas Valentine ever saw the light of day and that he has survived.

William Colby died in suspicious circumstances On April 27, 1996. Officialy he died an accidental death, a heart attack, while out canoeing. For a man of 76 there is a an air of plausability here until you delve a little deeper and find he is supposed to have set out in his canoe after dark with a half finished meal and half finished glass of wine left on the dining room table, looking like he left hurriedly after being disturbed. More of Colby’s death and that of Gary Webb’s to come.

The book is written in a simple concise style. It makes for a compelling story, the concepts are easy to grasp and understand. The plots and sub plots are expanded where necessary with links to people and places peppered about in the right places, you can go off and do research elsewhere if you need to.

Previously I had come to the conclusion we can classify all organisations as either: legal, criminal (gangs) or legal with embedded gangs. I would put the US Government in the legal with embedded criminal gangs category. And the CIA are one of many embedded criminal gangs who have the US government’s protection.

Mr Valentine I salute you, this one is a gem.


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