Big Brother Watch: The Johnson Regime’s ‘Vaccine’ Passport Threat Recedes – For Now

Posted By Big Brother Watch, 15th September 2021

We’re winning! But it’s far from over…

Silkie Carlo Director BBWDear friends, 

Once again, our campaign has been successful in holding off the Government’s plans to introduce mandatory vaccine passports in England. Plans to mandate vaccine passports from September have been scrapped. We are winning! 

However, the fight is far from over. Vaccine passports are now in the Government’s winter “plan B”, to be rolled out if the NHS comes under “unsustainable pressure” in coming weeks and months – a term undefined, but likely to be met, given the Government’s serious mismanagement of the situation.

Ministers won’t even promise to give parliament a vote on vaccine passports anymore. That’s because we’re winning the argument – they know they could now lose.

According to government documents, if “plan B” is imposed, the NHS COVID Pass app will be turned into a vaccine ID, taking away test and antibody status. Health Secretary Sajid Javid could make vaccine passes mandatory in a wide number of settings with just one week’s notice. 

Meanwhile, the Government is already “strongly encouraging” businesses to deny entry to people without COVID IDs. 

We can see where this is going…

Let’s not lose sight of how far we’ve come. We’ve held back vaccine passports for months now and with every Government U-turn, their case gets weaker and weaker. 

It is now vital that we don’t give up. 

So please:

  • Boycott events using COVID passes
  • Email us with details of businesses demanding COVID passes – we will write to them urging they desist
  • Keep supporting and sharing this campaign!

We will never accept exclusion, discrimination and a checkpoint society under vaccine IDs. We’re in this fight for the long run, and so grateful to be in it with you. 

Thank you for your support, 

Silkie Carlo

Director of Big Brother Watch


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