Big Brother Watch: Join the challenge against COVID passes!

Introduction: The Big Brother Watch Team realise just what the urgency in defeating the danger the government’s discriminatory Vaccine Passport policy is capable of. It is a rework of the NAZI ‘health’ policy which led to the segragation and extermination of the Jews as ‘disease spreaders’. I have decide to support this organisation and a few others.

I hope you can get behind them too.

Divisive. Discriminatory.


We need YOU to join the fight against COVID passes.

We are crowdfunding to grow the greatest possible fight against domestic COVID passes – including a legal challenge as soon as necessary.

We need you!

Your donations will build the biggest possible campaign to prevent domestic COVID passes. We have recruited an expert team of human rights lawyers. If COVID passes do go ahead, we will seek to use these funds to bring a legal challenge to stop COVID passes in Britain. 

Why we must stop COVID passes

After months of telling the parliament and public there were “no plans” for Covid passes, we now know this was a lie.

Our common goal is to exit lockdown – healthy, safe and free. But we can’t arrive at freedom through exclusion. 

COVID certificates would be the first attempt at segregation in Britain for many decades, dividing communities without reducing risks. 

We are in real danger of becoming checkpoint Britain where anyone from bouncers to bosses could demand to see our papers.

We cannot, and will not, let this Government create a two-tier nation of division, discrimination and injustice.

The effect of the scheme would be to create a society where the poorest, the most marginalised, and anyone who does not comply with unprecedented demands for medical interventions could be denied basic socio-economic opportunities and afforded fewer liberties than their neighbours, colleagues and fellow citizens. 

The prospect of internal health passports signals a grave unbalancing of the relationship between not only citizens and the state but citizens and employers, business owners, managers, marshals, and anyone else dressed with authority.

The Government’s plans for COVID-status certificates puts Britain on the precipice of one of the greatest civil liberties battles we have faced in modern times. This is a time to stand up and take action.

Our report

To find out more about the rights risks of COVID certificates, read our new report Access Denied: the case against a two-tier Britain under COVID certification.

Our campaign

We recently made headlines on BBC and all major broadcasters when we brought together 70+ MPs to oppose COVID passes, threatening a Government defeat.

Check out our campaign site, 

Crowdfunding Challenge Update 6th April 2021

Wow! – thank you for reaching our first target! We are overwhelmed by your support and heartened that so many of us are united in opposition to this discriminatory dystopia.

Please do give what you can and share this campaign as widely as possible. Every penny raised will go towards the fight against Covid passes. Funds will be used to get us ready to bring a legal challenge, which could put us at cost risks of tens of thousands of pounds. If the Government drops plans before we bring a legal challenge, all funds will go towards our vital work rolling back emergency powers, defending rights and protecting civil liberties.

About us

Big Brother Watch is a civil liberties and privacy campaigning organisation, fighting for a free future. We’re determined to reclaim our privacy and defend freedoms at this time of enormous technological change.

We’re a fiercely independent, non-partisan and non-profit group who work to roll back the surveillance state and protect rights in parliament, the media or the courts if we have to. We publish unique investigations and pursue powerful public campaigns. We work relentlessly to inform, amplify and empower the public voice so we can collectively reclaim our privacy, defend our civil liberties and protect freedoms for the future.

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