Big Brother Watch: Fighting Back Against BoJo Regime’s Vaccine Passport Evil

Big Brother Watch: Access Denied


Dear friends, 

Yesterday, we hit the headlines as we launched a campaign with over 70 MPs and rights groups against domestic Covid certificates. Our campaign was the top story on BBC News and covered by every major broadcaster – we even made it to the front pages!

We also released a report examining proposals for Covid passes titled, “Access Denied: the case against a two-tier Britain under Covid certificates.” Our close analysis reveals that Covid passes would not help to suppress the virus but would lead to oppression, surveillance and discrimination.

You can read it here

We all want to exit lockdown healthy, safe and free. But we won’t arrive at freedom through exclusion. 

Our hard work in parliament means that if the Government do try to put Covid certificates to a vote, even though they have a huge majority in the Commons, it’s quite possible that they could lose. 

All of this is thanks to your support and donations that keep our campaigns alive. 

But our success also means that the fight is about to get even harder. The Government will do everything they can to avoid a fatal defeat in parliament. 

And, thanks to our investigations, we now know the government have already given millions of pounds of our money to big tech companies to create Covid passes. 

On Monday, the Prime Minister will make an announcement about his plans for Covid certificates. We don’t know what he’ll say – but we have to be ready for the worst. 

So we’re getting ready – and we’re going to make it as difficult for him as we can.

If your friends and family are as worried about this as we are, please invite them to join us and be a part of the push back.

We cannot allow this Government to usher in checkpoints and segregation. I fear our country would never recover.

Thank you for standing with us, 

Silkie Carlo

Director of Big Brother Watch


P.S. Want to know more about Covid certificates? Check out our new campaign site:

Plus you can watch our director debate the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, which is pushing for Covid certificates.

Thanks as ever,


Legal and Policy Officer, Big Brother Watch 

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