Belfast Councillor Jolene Bunting Suspended For Telling The Truth

The very idea an elected representative can be suspended from office for holding legitimate concerns about an ideology which has at its core the threat of death for those who do not believe in it is offensive. Being punished for holding those views is unjust.

The gradual, systematic curtailment of free speech and freedom of expression by anti-democratic forces within the UK establishment is deeply worrying. Councillor Jolene Bunting’s treatment shows up the State’s increasingly brazen attempts to shut down vital political discussion and silence the voices of those who speak out.

There are disturbing parallels with the treatment of dissidents in the communist Soviet Union; by the Gestapo in NAZI Germany; the Security services in the Republic of China, Sweden and modern day Germany.

Belfast Cllr Bunting is on the receiving end of a globalist initiative to exercise power and influence over nation-states by getting them to implement globalist policy without the inconvenience of asking the citizens of those nation-states for their consent through the ballot box. Criminalising the criticism of Islam is just one example.

The UK state’s suppression of dissidents is evidence of a corrupted system of government, where free speech and democracy are an impediment to be silenced and ignored.

Independent, Unionist Councillor, elected to serve the Shankill community on Belfast City Council.

“My appeal of the ridiculous decision to suspend me from Belfast City Council, will be heard, this coming Wednesday, 19th December, in the High Court, Belfast.”


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If you would like to read more on the LUDICROUS complaints made against her by political opponents, you can do so at: interim adjudication hearing councillor jolene bunting

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