Are Deadly Parasites Being Implanted In COVID Masks?

Worms found in surgical masks


It seems a crazy question. But it is one being asked in trepidation by independent medical doctors after seeing disturbing online video evidence.

Judge for yourself when you see a British medical doctor and her dentist husband perform their own microscopic tests on multiple, UNUSED batches of NHS COVID masks. They found ALL infected by tiny worm-like creatures.

To show what the fuss is all about, below is a short video showing the movements of one of these worm-like creatures on a mask:


I first watched the full video on Jim Fetzer’s Bitchute channel. Fetzer commented:

“This is heavy — an English doctor making the startling discovery that these black “worms” in the one-use, surgical face-masks are real. She’s calling them “worms” and “living organisms” but they may also be nano-technology.”

One commentator noted: this may be why Ivermectin works so well against so-called Covid (Certificate of Vaccination ID), Ivermectin is sold over the counter as a livestock de-wormer.

It is my own personal belief, backed by the opinions of many doctors, that mask wearing is mostly unhelpful for healthy people and used masks are always a toxic biohazard and a real threat to our health. But we are talking here about results from tests performed on sterile, un-opened, unused medical grade COVID masks as worn by millions all round the world. It appears these are batches made in five separate factories in China.

China is the leading country in the world to produce masks, and 85 percent come from factories linked to the CCP, which have raised concerns about certain deficiencies in the processes and the opacity of the supply chains, reports the Daily Mail. 

The implications of this story, if verified, point to a grave international crime against humanity.

By the rationale of the lockdowners, the precautionary principle has guided policymakers to argue that just saving a few lives justified the draconian measures that put most of the world on medical martial law for over a year.

Well, if we are to be logically consistent and apply the same precautionary principle in this instance, we are at a crisis point where these COVID19 medical masks cannot be deemed safe. This comes on top of separate but related anecdotal evidence we reported last week, that routine mask wearing is already making people sick from breathing in toxic fumes from the dyes and glues used in their manufacture.

Since 2012, research has shown that inhaling nanofibers can pose a serious risk to inflammation in the lungs, even mesothelioma (cancer) due to its similar shape to asbestos.

Professor Michael Braungart, director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute and co-founder of the world-renowned Cradle to Cradle environmental standard warned:

What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste.

But if we are to believe the images presented in Fetzer’s video we are adding to the risks we face if living, worm-like creatures are also embedded into the fabric of these ‘sterile’ COVID masks.

Could These ‘Parasitic Worms’ be Morgellons?

This is one reasonable questions to ask. What are Morgellons? To some people, Morgellons are an entomological weapon unleashed upon the unsuspecting targets of an ‘over-populated’ world by a psychopathic global elite. But according to

“In the past, few doctors had heard of Morgellons. But in response to scattered reports, the CDC worked together with several other health care agencies to investigate this condition. Most reports came from California, Texas, and Florida, although patients have been seen in all 50 states.”

The CDC report says:

“We were not able to conclude, based on this study, whether this unexplained dermopathy represents a new condition, as has been proposed by those who use the term Morgellons, or wider recognition of an existing condition such as delusional parasitosis.” [1]

Real or imagined, a 2010 study found a potential link between Morgellons symptoms and an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). Morgellons appear to be similar to a condition seen in cattle called bovine digital dermatitis, which is due to an infection, according to a 2011 study. While other research has suggested that Morgellons may be linked to Lyme disease with  some patients with symptoms of Morgellons testing positive for the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. [2]

Morgellons Related to Helminths?

But before we rush to judgment that there must only be a nefarious reason behind all this let us remind ourselves that the once ‘barbaric’ Medieval practice of using blood sucking leeches on human wounds has been revived in modern times because there are sometimes valid and positive therapeutic reasons to do so.

Photo: leeches used in plastic surgery and other microsurgeries because the phenomenon facilitates blood flow to wounds to speed healing.

It is therefore not a big stretch to then apply the idea of using live worms as immunotherapy (helminthic therapy) or, preferably, seeking compounds in helminth secretions for use as immunomodulatory drugs. Indeed, helminthic therapy in animal models and human trials has provided convincing evidence that low-dose inoculation can treat a number of autoimmune diseases.

A 2017 study from the Journal, Frontiers in Immunology, describes how an emerging science around Helminths (another name for Morgellons?) ”is receiving intensive interest” as it may have the potential to be a benign new treatment for inflammatory human diseases. [3]

The study tells us that:

“Helminths are large multicellular organisms that can be either free living or parasitic. Parasitic helminths comprise the phyla of roundworms (nematodes), flatworms (platyhelminths), tapeworms (cestodes), and flukes (trematodes) and have plagued humans and archaic humans for hundreds of thousands of years. Today, these parasites remain one of the most successful families of infectious agents on the planet, infecting more than one and a half billion people (1). In humans, heavy infection with parasites can lead to many serious health problems and sometimes even death (23).”

Another study showed that helminths actively decrease immune responsiveness and modulate immune checkpoint expression in infected individuals [4]

Now, it is perfectly conceivable, in light of the studies into the benign effects of Helminths on human immunity, that what is being detected in these COVID face masks is an innocent, yet misguided, additional (experimental) treatment against the effects of the alleged virus.

But even if this is the case, to add these micro parasites to medical face masks without public consent is likely a criminal infringement of human rights. And this is before any formal clinical forensic testing has been done to properly identify these tiny worm-like mask wrigglers.

As even the above-cited study warns us:

“To date, the majority of clinical trials treat patients with live helminths. Justifiably, there are concerns with this method, including the associated health risks of infection with a live pathogen.”

There is, of course, a darker side to medical experimentation which involves secretly infecting humans with a pathogen to gauge the response of the host. Infamously, Nazi Germany’s evil medical experiments on unwitting ‘volunteers’ caused avoidable injury and deaths to untold numbers of human guinea pigs.

As a consequence, the Nuremburg Code came about as an essential post-war step in enshrining universal human rights. Dr Reiner Fuellmich (photo, above) is a key international lawyer applying the Code in his class action lawsuits against vaccine companies, corrupt politicians and their co-conspirators in the COVID pandemic fraud.

The only sane thing to do appears to be to avoid wearing these manufactured Chinese masks. If you feel compelled to wear some kind of face diaper, wear something from closer to home that you can verify!

But please be in no doubt, the empirical scientific data suggests that:

“both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such as SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.” [5]







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