Anna De Buisseret: All The Law Is On Our Side… There Will Be A Second Nuremburg Trial (full & uncensored)

Courtroom Nuremberg Trials

Posted at Odysee Video Platform, September 10th, 2021, 26,534 views
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8th September 2021, London. Veterans’ freedom rally.
ollowAnna De Buisseret – a retired army officer and a senior lawyer – warns those in positions of responsibility that if they do not speak out, they will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial.
Anna speaks about the illegality of the experimental injection, the mask mandates and the medical passport, and assures people that “more lawyers than the public realise” are working behind the scenes on these cases; and stresses the importance of people knowing what their rights are in order than we should continue to uphold them. “No oppressive regime has ever lasted, because we the people stand up.”

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