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Stepping out of Westminster tube station to join the Brexit Betrayal rally on March the 29th 2019 I wondered what the day would bring. I need not have worried, it was 12:00 and I could see the Union Jacks already flying in Parliament Square, the crowds building and walking around in the sunshine.

One standard in particular caught my eye the For Britain Movement banner standing square beneath the thoughtful gaze of Winston Churchill; and beneath the banner the cheerful face of For Britain’s candidate James Quail, soon to be elected representative of Shoeburyness district council in Essex.

Approaching the small band of For Britain brothers, sisters, sons and daughters gathered around Winston’s podium, the symbolism of that moment was both moving and apt. I had come to join them and was committed. I had joined their party after reading the outright lies lies spoken about them by the usual suspects in the Mainstream Media and fringe far-left propaganda groups like the BBC and “Hope Not Hate”. More of these two in future articles.

Here is what the For Britain party have to say for themselves on their website:

“We’re tired of having no voice. We’re tired of being told to stay quiet. 

This country belongs to its people and those people will have a voice again.

The For Britain Movement is that voice. We will reach the people who have been forgotten and left behind. We will talk about the issues others parties won’t touch, such as political indoctrination in the education system, and the failures of our policing and prosecution services, and we certainly will talk about Islam. 

Talking candidly about Islam is taboo, but millions of people in this country consider this religion to be of existential significance. We know what we see with our own eyes.  We look around the world and see what Islam’s influence brings to people’s lives – it is directly responsible for unimaginable cruelty to women, to atheists or apostates, to children, and to animals.  Power is held by scripture-soaked Muslim males who hold on to that power with bloody hands. 

Now that Islam is in our countries, we also see extreme cruelty to women, to atheists and apostates, to children, and cruelty to animals in the form of un-stunned halal slaughter. We see that our laws on all of these issues are simply disregarded, people act outside the law with impunity.

For Britain will restore sanity, honesty and courage to UK politics.  We will take on the tough issues that other parties ignore. We will be the voice of the decent majority, we will confront uncomfortable truths, and we will take real action in defence of our country and of future generations.” 

I made a short speech to the crowd on the pavement around Churchill’s statue based on the executive summary of the Bruges Group’s research paper written by Torquil Dick-Erikson. (You can get a copy of it as PDF file by clicking on the image).   

Speaking in public is something everyone who is determined to get there message across should learn to do and practice makes perfect, which is good because I am far from it. I asked the crowd to remember the words as the day unfolded. After an unexpected round of applause people  came up to me afterward, glad to have the opportunity to speak out loud the thoughts they had bottled up for so long. They had come along just like me to have their say. And this is the point I would like to make about the For Britain Movement.

For Britain allows ordinary Brits who are seeing their democracy, freedom of speech and civil rights taken away from them a voice a way of articulating their legitimate concerns neglected, ignored and suppressed for so long.

Far from being “rar-right” demons of BBC legend I have found them to be a cross-section of political opinion and backgounds. Solicitors, van-drivers, teachers, lecturers and tradesmen, they are us, ordinary Brits gathering together to do something, working together for good.

I am looking forward to helping the movement, in as much as I am able. The foremost thing we have to do is support our spokesmen and women in the constituencies where they stand. Over the years we will build an organisation capable of taking on the Globalists and their anti-democratic manifestation in both Westminster and Brussels.

We all had a great day; the third ghoulish apparition of Theresa May’s Capitulation and Surrender document was defeated and we settled down for the arrival of the Leave Means Leave speakers including Kate Hoey and Nigel Farage and the UKIP rally in Whitehall with Gerrard Batten and Tommy Robinson.

Bizzare as it was the two competing sets of speakers going at it full throttle was an accurate metaphor for the wholly unecessary battle between the political camps. I support both as did thousands shuttling back and forth.


and it is a big BUT, Anne-Marie Waters voice was missing from the UKIP/Tommy Robinson rally. It was dissapointing for me because Anne-Marie had steadfastly spoken up for Tommy Robinson during is wrongful arrest, kangaroo court trial and false imprisonment. Not forgetting the abuse and torture he got on the inside.

As part of my own For Britain Movement campaign I intend to make sure Anne Marie’s words are heard.


If you want to help out:


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  • Julian Leppert standing in Waltham Abbey you can contact him on


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