A Dissident Voice: Nissar Hussein

Nissar Hussein was speaking at The Essex Rally For Britain in Loughton, Essex on the 31st March 2019.

After an introduction by For Britain Election candidate Julian Leppert we were introduced to Nissar Hussein his unaffected and unassuming speech and experience has changed the way I see Islam and its defenders. For people who don’t understand the role JIhad or “Holy war” plays in Islam Jihad appears to be an essential element of its very existence. It is not the exception it is a way of life. During his talk he said, and I paraphrase “Without the death sentence for Apostacy and its enforcement Islam would have died out long ago”. This is rule by fear on a vast scale. Unanswered criminal violence against Nissar and his family in the British city of Bradford, truly is an eye opener and has opened my mind to the damage done to the very fabric and laws of our society.

Nissar, a former Muslim of Pakistani origin converted to Christianity over twenty years ago. An act of conscience which carries with it the death sentence in Islam.

After years of persecution by criminal thugs tolerated and harboured inside Bradford’s Muslim community, was nearly beaten to death outside his home in Bradford  with pick-axe handles for being apostate. As I understand it the criminals who attempted Nissar Hussein’s murder have yet to be found by Bradford’s Police.

Due to a subsequent and imminent threat to his life at his home in Bradford a police unit came to his house and advised him to leave.  Death threats from Islamic extremists have forced him and his family to leave his home, seeking safety among fellow Christians. Again the criminals responsible have yet to be found.

That the Police could not, or would not, protect him and in doing so have demonstrated a disturbing inability to seek out and prosecute these Muslim criminal gangs against one of the worst crimes under British law. They have demonstrated they are incapable of protecting the general British public.This is a serious threat to our cohesion as a nation, our social stability and the rule of law.

Nissar’s story needs to be heard. He needs our support. By allowing him a platform to tell his story and hear his voice he receives support, in the For Britain community.

In the 2017 video below Tommy Robinson interviews Nissar Hussein. Its a shocker…

“In June 2015 I had information through a Mosque meeting that the extended family a few doors away from us, who were the catalyst to our problems, were out to have me done over. So I reported it to the police and they dismissed it”

If that was not enough the inaction by the Church of England in Nissar’s case has raised questions about the changing motives and beliefs of the Christian church in the United Kingdom. What do they stand for these days? Another assumption of mine about the pillars of our society was getting a revision.

You can read about Nissar’s experience with the CoE here:

British Christian family who converted from Islam has “given up on the Church of England” in light of persecution

One of the enduring memories from Essex For Britain rally was the rapt attention of the audience. Followed by an overwhelming feeling that by attending and giving Nissar the opportunity to tell his story, and for him to be heard, the For Britain movement was the right place to be.

To find out more about Nissar Hussein’s struggle against the violent and suppressive nature of Islam just google his name on the web and see what comes back. It really is an education.
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Man forced to flee his home after converting from Islam to Christianity



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