A Dissident Voice: Melanie Shaw

If you haven’t heard of Melanie Shaw. It really is time you did. It is one of the worst cases of systematic abuse by the state I have ever come across. What they are doing to Melanie Shaw is evil, to this day as she sits in Rampton, friendless and without support with no prospect of release. Right where the state want her. Silent.


We need to break this cycle of violence toward her. There must be a way to reach her in a free society. We will see.


This video made in 2017 by Brian Gerrish and UKColumn news explains her predicament. Since then she has been held without charge. Then charged with arson of prison property, then sentenced to Rampton. This is the first of a number of articles about Melanie Shaw and what the state has done to her.


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Video: Melanie Shaw: A Glimpse Into Institutionalised Child Abuse

UK Column On Twitter – Ref Melanie Shaw

“Melanie Shaw remains in prison well past her release date and having spend some 18 months or more in solitary. Her real crime exposing Beechwood child abuse Nottingham – reports on and local papers now removed from internet. Search for yourselves””




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