A Dissident Voice: Julian Assange – Letters To HMP Belmarsh

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The Deep State has been operating in the US through all its institutions of government with a vengeance in the post Second World war era. Criminal gangs embedded in the CIA and its little brother the FBI have been ‘riding shotgun’ for the Deep State’s activities with breathtaking success.

Read ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ for a full understanding of how the overpowerfull Dulles Brothers became the Deep State’s power brokers on behalf of the wealthy and powerful. How they used the ‘National Security’ imperitive cover to become the architects and midwives of a monstrous conglomeration of self-interest charectrised by Eiesenhower as the Military-Industrial Complex. It is in fact the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange in particular have simply had the affront to discover and publish what the Deep State does, the disgusting and evil consequences of its motivation and actions, shielded in the knowledge they are connected and protected from accountability.

Julian Assange is now a prisoner in Belmarsh Prison awaiting extradition to the USA for trial. Assange will not be connected and protected there, as are the Clintons, the Bushes, Dick Cheney and organisers of the 9/11 atrocity or so many of the political class. He will face American ‘justice’ for doing what our media in the UK and US should have done to protect us all from an overeaching and out of control US/UK/Australian/Canadian/New Zealand state.

A long time in the future his voice will echo as a warning from history. A dissident voice.


The address on the letter reads:

To Mr Julian Assange

Prisoner A9379AY

HMP Belmarsh

Western Way

London SE28 OEB



Article: How did Julian Assange look at his hearing (21/10/2019)?

Article: Julian Assange Biography Journalist, Computer Programmer (1971–)

Wikileaks Articles: The Clinton Emails: This one deserves a special mention. How Hillary Clinton and her husband have stayed out of prison is an object lesson in how the Deep State can select, nurture and protect its own. This is just one reason Julian Assange may yet pay with his life, the ultimate price, for telling the world to watch carefully what these criminals embedded in the highest strata of their government are doing.


Hillary Clinton Email Archive

On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for over 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. More PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016, and a set of additional 995 emails was imported up to February 2, 2018.




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