A Dissident Voice: Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden's New Book Permanent Record

Edward Snowden's New Book Permanent RecordClick on image to go through to the Wordery Bookstore to purchase

“I would sit down with the CIO of the CIA, the CTO of the CIA, the chiefs of all the technical branches. They would tell me their hardest technology problems, and it was my job to come up with a way to fix them.”

Everyone makes decisions, those decisions have consequences. The consequences of Edward Snowden’s decision to question and then challenge the deliberate, relentless, unlawfull and unconstitutional behavior of his ultimate employers, the US government, will be with him for the rest of his life.

Few of us will ever have to take the moral stand he has.

Most of us realise Governments and their agencies regularly abuse their powers, indeed they think of it as one of the perks of the job. For Snowden to recognise the sheer criminality the US state was and is perpetrating against its own people is one thing but to do as Edward Snowden did, to face it and do something about it – risking his own psychological and physical destruction – takes courage and committment of a different order.

To risk your life in defense of the principles and laws on which your country was founded is the lot of every soldier that moves voluntarily into battle, under orders or no. To know your death or destruction is imminent as you move forward is the eternal mark of bravery. You face you fears, the enemy, know that you may die but go anyway.

The dissident goes into battle. Snowden knew what needed to be done and he knew what the state would do to him for doing it.

To get an insight into the mind of Edward Snowden all these years after he went on the run from the criminals in charge of the US then and now, have a look at this recent podcast published on youtube in fact everyone with a mobile/cell phone should look at.


About his book he has a few things to say, about its reason for being and the content which will surpise you in their modesty and common sense. Here are a few quotes.

“…I have just written a book called Permanent Record which is the story of my life… Its about the changing of technology and changing of government in this post 9/11 era…”

“…The day that this book came out the government hit me with a lawsuit and they hit the publisher of the books with a lawsuit, they don’t want to see books like this written, especially they don’t want to see books like this read… The publisher wanted very badly for me to let people know this book existed in case the government leaned harder and harder on them [not to publish]. The government is still reviewing that case quite strongly…”

“…The government are more focused on the financial censorship side of it, taking any money I make from it, as a warning to others… it’s more against the publishers saying, you cannot pay that guy anything..”

“They can’t take the book off the bookshelves, thats not because they’re OK with the book on the shelves,  its because thankfully we have the first amendment and [they] can’t and thats a very rare and good thing…”

You can hear Edward Snowden speak at length in this youtube video about his story to date on the Jo Rogan Experience show


Its a long way from a chilhood in Fort Meade Maryland to being an exile in a foreign land in hiding from criminal gangs embedded in your own Government determined to stop you, one way or another, from telling the truth honestly. Snowden is in harmony with and has a deep respect for the laws and constitution of the United States of America.

I understand Edward Snowden, his courage, his principles and so do millions of others who watch the state’s fury being released on his head. Ordinary people admire Snowden’s stand but fear the state’s apparatus of secrecy and oppression, essential to maintain control and ensure the state’s criminality continues to go unpunished.

Overwhelmingly so.







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