US Attorney Files Lawsuit Against US Government For 45,000 Vaccine Deaths

America's Frontline Doctors


NTKP Note: Rumours that the number of people dying and being seriously injured as a result of have been vastly under reported in the US, UK and Europe have been circulating only backed up by estimates. Now a whistlebower in the US who works with the systems holding the data has come forward with sworn testimony that the figures are approximately only 20% of the true number of deaths occurring within 3 days of the experimental ‘vaccination’. 

The references at the end are not extensive and allow you to read the charges and Jane Doe’s witness statement. A brave and courageous woman.

This is a massive cover up. No mention of the deaths and injuries attributable to the injections after three days has been made. The sheer scale of the slaughter is becoming tragically clearer by the day.


America’s Front Line Doctors, et al,



Xavier Becerra, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, et al



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Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you of a woman who has incredible courage we are calling Jane Doe for right now. She gave me some information; she is an insider, she is a whistleblower. We are submitting to federal court today based on a sworn declaration, under threat of perjury, this woman attested to this and she is an expert.

We know based on what she said that There have been at least 45 thousand deaths from this vaccine.

I am going to tell you what I know, I know based on this woman’s testimony, and she has been on the inside of the systems that there have been 45,000 deaths based on how many people died within three days of having the vaccine” – US Attorny

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