UK Establishment’s Illegal Outcome Seeking – Tommy Robinson is a Case in Point

This is the first in a series of articles looking at the British Establishment’s manipulation of the UK’s justice system to persecute Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson’s trial for contempt of court heard at the Old Bailey, 23rd October 2018 has been referred to the Attorney General by Judge Nicholas Hilliard, QC after a 15 minute hearing.

After reading Tommy Robinson’s witness statement he said “It is sufficient to say that the nature and extent of the controversies to be considered emerged to my eye more clearly than before…” 

He is quite right, Mr Robinson’s treatment within the UK’s justice system to date has been an eye-opener for us all. Please read Mr Robinson’s witness statement In an article by Andrew Lawton called “Planned Contempt Of Court Statement By Tommy Robinson”

Context is everything in this case, understanding the people and circumstances surrounding Mr Robinson’s alleged contempt  and why he has been repeatedly hauled before the courts is a disturbing insight into the operation of our Justice System.

These articles seek to understand the British Establishments tentacles of unofficial power and how they are used against their selected targets, to silence them, to mentally and physically harm them up to and including death.

What is Illegal Establishment Outcome Seeking?

Use of two terms used here throughout – Primary Sentencing –  and – Illegal Establishment Outcome Seeking

Primary Sentencing – The legal course of a case in the UK’s justice system ends lawfully when a judge hands down a sentence in a court of law.  The general public generally assumes that the due process of law has taken place and that the sentence is just according to the laws created in the UK Parliament. That is the theory and this is what I would call, as a layman, Primary Sentencing, which can in most cases be appealed.

Illegal Establishment Outcome Seeking –  the Establishment’s illegal system of malign influence over the UK’s Primary Sentencing system to deliver a required political outcome. This is a term created here, for the purpose of discussion. It describes the unlawful and corrupt abuse of public office and institutions by individuals able to exercise influence over Government (the executive including the Police), Parliament (The Legislature), the Judiciary, to bring about a desired outcome before, during and after primary sentencing.

Who are the UK establishment? – They are everywhere and nowhere. In the article “The New Feudal Aristocracy A World Of Organisations And Gangs”  the Establishment can exist as one of three types of organisation legal, criminal or a combination of both. Interestingly this model allows the UK Establishment to be a legal and criminal organisation all at the same time. This is a key reason why systemic corruption is so difficult to identify and eradicate and why a thorough analysis of Mr Robinson’s career and this specific case are so important.

It is just possible, as It appears to me as a concerned citizen, that the as yet unidentified ‘Establishment’ in this case, in their arrogance and hubris,  may have opened the eyes of the general public to their illegal activities and how they operate as embedded criminal gangs within the British system of government.

Mr Robinson has chosen to confront the Establishment’s actions against him, as they are applied through our state institutions as a proxy for their will. He is fighting back and quite frankly is an example to us all. Indeed he is an enemy of the British state.

In the following video Mr Robinson has said that with the balance of funds donated by supporters after legal costs have been deducted he will be launching  prosecutions against:

  • Sky News
  • The Sunday Times
  • The governor of HMPOnley.
  • The British Home Office for the lies it allegedly told during the Darren Osborne court trial
  • Also challenging the Main Stream Media by creating a media organisationcapable of countering Establishment propaganda in the UK and Europe.

Through his principled stand in publicising horrific systemic child abuse carried out by Muslim dominated rape gangs Mr Robinson has exposed the refusal to act by local authorities and law enforcement institutions despite being in full possession of the facts; as in Rotherham. It is the public exposure of their negligence which has triggered the wrath of the Establishment to seek an illegal outcome from the manipulation of the Primary Sentencing system. Abusing the police, the courts, and the prison system to do so.

If you have not already I urge you to read Mr Robinson’s witness statement  “Planned Contempt Of Court Statement By Tommy Robinson”

Next Article: Who is Tommy Robinson? What has he done?

After that: Who or what are the British establishment?

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