Rebel News: Massive London March Coverage Shames British Media

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By Lincoln Jay, Rebel News, May 18th 2021

This past Saturday, thousands of Brits gathered together in London, England, for the Worldwide Freedom Rally.  

It was a massive turnout — people from all walks of life came out to stand together for freedom and in solidarity against the government’s pandemic response. 

Unlike what’s happening in my home of Toronto, Canada, where the lockdown continues to be extended, the U.K. actually has plans to reopen — allegedly. 

As of yesterday, indoor dining is officially open again, and the government here is about to head into phase three (of four) of its reopening plan, which states that on June 21, everything will open back up. 

Since I’m in London for the next few weeks to catch up on our “Fight the Fines U.K.” cases, I decided to venture into the march to find out why people came out and ask about their experiences under lockdown.

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“What's happened over the last year has been terrible”: Thousands
protest UK lockdown
Lincoln Jay talking to marchers in London

We think it’s important to give people a platform to share their message at protests like this. And since the mainstream media won’t report accurately on what’s happening, we will. 

More importantly, we want to expose how lockdown measures are enforced around the world and how some people are finding ways to push back against them, and in some cases, overturn these punitive public health laws. 

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Lincoln Jay
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