Links to Campaigning and Organising Against The Covid-19[84] Fraud

Fighting Back Is Now The New Normal

First and foremost it has been a privilege to see the campaign groups listed below come into being and work so hard; doing their best to tell people what is going on, where to get information they are being denied by the Government and a complicit main-stream media.

We need this movement to grow for all our sakes and for those in the future. Its going to take a little time with battles ahead. Think of it as our on the job training for freedom, we need to organise well and to that end here are the links and some constructive thoughts…

The number of campaigns and campaign groups posted below shows both strength and weakness in the battle against the Globalists and their “Great Reset” and the reduction of humanity into controlled digital, monetised assets

  • Strength: A lot of people see the danger and are getting active. Great.
  • Weakness: New Media websites and social media channels scream for everyones’ attention and money every day. We need a single mighty voice or the message gets lost in the noisy chorus of protest.

The more the merrier one might say. Especially if you were in one of these

  • ‘Conservative’ central office and

  • ‘British’ Army 77th brigade propaganda unit and 

  • Elements of the UK police force charged with harassing any political movement or party which represented a threat to the values of the new normal as espoused by the Globalist Elite and implemented by mendacious nodding donkeys in HM Gov’s cabinet.

…then one would be very happy; particularly with the fragmentation of large numbers of  intelligent and capable people who oppose you. Much easier to suppress and disrupt isolated individuals and campaigning groups.

The Government strategy is quite simple, divide and conquer while avoiding and disrupting the concentration of enemy forces. The Johnson Regime’s enemy by the way is people who think for themselves and ask questions. 

It is my fervent hope that these campaign groups come together to confront genocidal corruption and fraud and that joint planning operations are and will continue to take place and the debilitating duplication of effort can somehow be avoided. I am going to try and do something about it.

  • Static Content Entries for the following Campaigns have been transferred to the NTKP Newsletter Reference document. Newsletter_Ref

  • This newsletter reference has been added to and developed over the last year or so. We will look for new initiatives and organisations as well as making the existing ones accessible.


The Links

World Doctors For Truth And Freedom
Legal/Lawyers Campaigning For Truth
Activist Campaigns, Resources and Links
Social Media Alternatives (Coming Soon)
Free Press and Social Media (Coming Soon)
Defining Classic Videos
Free Press
Books & Publications



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