Big Brother Watch: We need YOU to fight vaccine passports

By Silkie Carlo, Director of Big Brother Watch, 21st Feb, 2021

Dear friends, 

Today is an important day for civil liberties defenders like you and I.

Because 69 years ago today, on 21 February 1952, Winston Churchill’s government scrapped ID cards. Why? In his words, to “set the people free”.

And yet today, Boris Johnson – who once said he’d rather eat an ID card than be forced to carry one – is now pursuing digital IDs, voter IDs and vaccine IDs – all bound to converge into one monstrous national ID.

We say NO. We won’t let it happen, and we won’t comply.

We are more than just a number, and registration code, or worse, a vaccine risk score. 

We’ve been all over the media, from the BBC to the Telegraph, rallying against so-called vaccine passports. And we’re doing much more behind the scenes – more on that soon.

On this 69th anniversary, I want to share a story with you about the history of Britain’s fight against ID cards, how it relied on ordinary men and women like you and I – and how we can win this historic fight against IDs again.

You can read it here – please share far and wide.

Thank you, 

Silkie Carlo

Director of Big Brother Watch


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