Gary Webb’s Warning Will Echo Through Time

Tucked away in the top right hand corner of my Laptop’s desktop screen is Gary Webb’s picture. It shows him holding up a paper to the camera with the words “Crack plague’s roots are in Nicaraguan war”. This was the subject of his Dark Alliance series for the San Jose Mercury in 1996. The San Jose Mercury failed to back him up when the establishment press closed ranks against him in defense of the CIA’s complicity and role as overseers in drug trafficking into the US.

Officialy Gary Webb committed suicide on December 10th 2004 with two .38 bullets to the head, yes two. Funny that

He had to sell his house because he could no longer afford the mortgage. Despite being a pullitzer prize winner he was unable to secure a job with a major US newspaper and was on his way down. Gary Webb had a strong sense of right and wrong. Like many journalists he believed that if you wrote about a wrong the system would kick in and right it. He thought the CIA and the ruling corporatocracy were subject to the same laws he and the rest of his fellow citizens were subject to. He didn’t realise the CIA had corrupted everything it touched even the law itself and was no longer subject to it as Douglas Valentine details so well in his 2017 book C.I.A as organized crime. If only Gary could have read a copy.

It turns out the Washington Post, L.A.Times, San Francisco Chronical and the rest of the Mainstream Media fed by the CIA propaganda machine were wrong. The CIA had thoroughly corrupted the DEA and were well aware of drug trafficking into the US to fund arms in Nicaragua. The CIA was and is  operating in their own legal bubble, they were untouchable. The CIA and its establishment supporters over time have created a law free space in which the US domestic law enforcement arm,  the FBI, has no jurisdiction. Gary Webb and the rest of the world were not to know just how deeply the CIA’s tendrils of corruption ran.

In common with today’s US Citizens Garry Webb was a victim of the illusion, created and nurtured by the ruling elite that they live in a democracy under the rule of law. The tenets of the political system he was born and educated into,  “freedom and justice for all before God”, “truth, justice and the American way”,  were supplanted long ago. The CIA and the corpratocracy it supports has turned this dream into what Americans call a crock, but importantly it carefully maintains a hollowed out version of Democracy. Elections without consequence, politicians bought and paid for with campaign contributions guaranteeing the ‘right people’ get into power.  The hired help in the White House, Senate and House of representatives plausibly acting on the peoples’ behalf while serving the interests of the business party and military-industrial complex.

Gary Webb was right, he knew what was going on one small corner of the American empire. He was lifting the lid on reality the US’s citizenry has lost control over its government and its instiutions.

He opened the trap door to an underworld of US state sponsored crime and corruption, created, nurtured and watched over by the greatest corruption engine on the planet. The CIA.

He may have pulled the trigger twice to end his own life but he was driven to it. He had done his bit and the US cavalry didn’t come to rescue him. He realised the system in which he had placed so much faith had betrayed him and was determined to end him.

But Garry the door you unlocked remains ajar and many of us are listening to the echoes from within.

  • You can find out more about the true nature of the CIA in Douglas Valentines book The CIA As Organised Crime
  • You can find out more about how the CIA, NSA and its Jackals operate on behalf of the Corporatocracy by reading John Perkins ‘Confessions Of An Economic hit man’


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