Reiner Fuellmich: “New findings enough to dismantle the entire (VAX) industry!”

Criminal Investigation

Logical conclusion will lead one to realize The “jab” is certainly a huge multi-faceted mega experiment, where the human population is the clinical-trial’s sample & the lab-rats, which is very large & thus can produce a large number of results in a very short time.

Parts of it, studies how to kill & maim human beings & specifically how to efficiently disrupt any & all parts of a human body, with the corresponding side effects & immune responses. Another experiment is that of the nano-technology & how to install both circuitry & software into a human body with many purposes, such as to deliver various kinds of organic, biological, chemical & bio- and electro-mechanical payloads, enhance the level or version of upgrade (thus “boosters” then become a convenient way of delivery) of the (circuitry & software) installed, some call an “operating system” (OS), while at the same time connecting this OS, via the 5G (high-bandwidth) network, onto an IoT (Internet of Things) distributed network.

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The video link above comes from session 85 extract of the Corona Investigation Committee below

Another portion of the experiments deal with the connectivity & remote-control operation of such a hOS (human OS), with various levels of remote-control over their host-human-being. And another portion of the experiments might deal with DNA specific inoculations, now that they have information on the side-effects & ailments caused by a particular injected substance, pathogen or technology, that can now be linked to a particular DNA sequence, they can then develop DNA specific pathogens, and thus in theory, they can then develop, on-the-fly, at the hospital, a software driven inoculation specifically designed for your type of DNA, or DNA that is a close match to yours. And of course, there are the many other experimental scenarios we have not yet realized are also possible.

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